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Build Your Dream Home With BRIKS Design-Build Group

Finding your dream home in today’s real estate market isn’t easy. Instead, many home buyers are using design-build firms to start from the ground up.A design-build firm offers the option to customize every detail to suit their clients needs.With the ability to land desirable addresses in high-demand neighbourhoods, building your dream home has never been easier than it is today.

Whether you’re building or remodelling, the end result of developing your custom-designed home is a rewarding one. As long as you’re working with the best in the business.Our offering at BRIKS Design-Build Group is one of distinct resonance and luxury.Each of our projects include embodying our client’s vision and bringing it to life. Through decadent design-build solutions, we strategically build with functionality in mind.

Planning To Design-Build

design-buildAs with anything, preparation is fundamental to successfully building your dream home.Consider what’s important to you in a new home. Try to make a list that’s as detailed as possible and then organize it from “must-haves” to “nice-to-haves”.It’s important to realize that you may not be able to achieve everything on your list. You must take into account budget restrictions, property constraints or site availability.Making a list will help you to determine what’s a non-negotiable for you and your family.

Determining Your Design-Build Budget

Design-Build budgetContact your financial institution to figure out how much money you have to work with.Unless you’re paying cash, you might need to secure financing for a new construction loan. This pays for the builder, subcontractors and suppliers in stages.With any budget, ensure that you leave room for other expenses such as appliances, furniture, and landscaping.Experienced design-build firms will be able to assist you with mapping out what’s realistic from a monetary perspective and how much it’s going to cost you.

Once you’ve determined your budget, be prepared to stick to it. Or at the very least, allow for some buffer room to make additions.As your dream home takes shape and you start to see it in real life, some home owners want to make changes or additions periodically.BRIKS allows you to complete your design-build project within your pre-determined budget. Our commitment to you starts with safeguarding the completion of your beautiful new home.

Selecting Your Design-Build Location

Design-Build locationLocation is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to your new home.You can always build a new home, but you can’t bring the address with you.You’ll want to assess the property for the size of the house you want to build.This will be particularly important if the area you want to build in has any zoning restrictions.Often waterfront properties have to adhere to building height restrictions, maximum lot coverage and strict property lines.

Communicate Your Design-Build Expectations

communicate with your buildersWhen you’re working with a design-build firm, communicating your expectations with your builder is essential.Ask yourself if you want to be heavily involved in the design process. On the flip side, you might want to work with a builder who can draw up different plans and take the lead with minimal direction.You’ll want to get clear on the timeline, the scope of your budget and your expectations.


Drawing Up Your Design-Build

Drawing Design-BuildOnce you’ve worked through the fundamentals of building your home — we get to the fun part.Drawing from structural craftsmanship and made-to-order opulence, your custom build home has the chance to become luxe re-imagined.While a design-build firm can create pretty much anything you envision, it’s your polished preference and personal taste masterfully balanced that will ultimately come to life.Generally, there are three most popular home designs to consider.Traditional homes are generally inspired by historic designs with vintage, classic fireplaces that add charm and character.

 Modern homes are usually characterized by clean lines, open spaces complemented with contrasting textures such as raw oak paired against mixed metals and sheer glass.Modern homes can offer a range of design options, often showcased with alluring palettes of brass, bronze or gilded gold to make a striking statement.The modern-designed home is one that’s architecturally striking in its appearance, yet subtle in its design.

Contemporary homes are often designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. A contemporary home is trendy and fashionable while simultaneously novel and smart.Matched with textural touches, raw timber and polished concrete finishes, contemporary homes can give an ultramodern feel.When it comes to the design-build process, architects can help you strategically design your dream home while working within your budget.

Meanwhile, an effective builder is overseeing and executing the day-to-day operations.Acting as two counterparts merging their areas of divine expertise, at BRIKS we build for your future.While building your dream home doesn’t happen overnight, one thing is for sure: the wait will be well worth it.

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Home Design Trends for Summer

Home Design Trends For Summer 2019

As sunny days, balmy temperatures and blissful hours spent outside are quickly approaching — it’s spring time. Which means it’s time to freshen up your homes curb appeal with the latest home design trends.Home design trends are always a fascinating predictor of what people want to see in a property.Incorporating a few of these home design trends to your home remodel, custom-build or new construction project will ensure your home has better resale value or stand out as a neighbourhood favourite.

Home Design Trend #1: Modern Farmhouse

farm house trending designWhitewashed brick that pairs rustic character with industrial, minimalist style, the Modern Farmhouse home design trend takes raw, rustic and restored materials like reclaimed wood and shiplap panelling and makes them new.This exterior home design trend flows through the interior flawlessly with distressed wide-planked floors complemented by vintage apron-front farmhouse sinks and utility barn-style doors.

Try adding contrasting details such as modern marble countertops, and pendant lighting. Dress up your bathrooms with opulent and classical freestanding baths to add polish and timelessness to the space.There’s no denying that the modern farmhouse home design trend is a contemporary aesthetic with a side of nostalgia.This home design trend conveys a strong sense of history balanced with a newly-modern yet old-world “American Heritage” feel.

Home Design Trend #2: Floor To Ceiling Glass

floor to ceiling glassThere’s no denying that floor to ceiling glass adds a sleek modern emphasis to the exterior of your home. However, newly designed features also serve a functional purpose.Not only does this add more sunlight and natural views to your home, it also creates a seamless transition between open-air spaces that are both functional and invigorating.

The often-open architectural design is constructed with an elevated simplicity that feels warm and welcoming.This Spring and Summer expect to see more homes designed with floor to ceiling glass. Decked out with sliding plate glass doors that open up into an entire wall. This home design trend beautifully blends indoor and outdoor.


Home Design Trend #3: Dark Exterior Paint

Dark exterior paint and matte black finishes is the hottest décor finish at the moment.This home design trend gives a home a bold, classical and sophisticated look. Choose decadent, rich shades of midnight blue, muted smoky greys or twilight noir.To add even more drama, matte black as an accent is being used on everything from front door and garage hardware to window trims and striking pillars. This home design trend will surely leave a statement.


Home Design Trend #4: Contrasting Trim

Contrasting trimThis summer you can expect to see a lot of white trim on dark houses and dark trim on light houses.Playing off light and dark accents add dept and ambiance to your home.Consider repeating the colour of your roof on your trim for a cohesive, streamlined appearance.This exterior home design trend exudes an easy elegance and sophisticated living. Sometimes, it’s the little details that can showcase quality design.

In short, regardless if you’re remodelling to add a modern touch or building fresh from the ground up — the most important home design trend is incorporating high quality, durable materials into the construction.With this purpose in mind, at BRIKS we build to last. We’re here to ensure your home has been carefully crafted with your future in mind.

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living room

5 Ways to Make Your Custom Design Home in Mississauga Stand Out

At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we’re one of the leading Mississauga home builders and one of the best design firms out there. We offer premiere general contracting services for all types of residential and commercial projects. There’s a few elements to ensure your custom home will truly stand out.

Invest in Landscaping

Landscaping Design Ideas for Mississauga Home Builders

A beautifully landscaped yard can truly make all the difference. When your lawn is well-manicured, the opulence of your home can really stand out.

Full of plush, bright green grass edged to sharpness, lush shrubbery that’s been aesthetically shaped to perfection, with stone covered plant beds filled with an overflow of flowers and foliage. When you landscape your home, it shows your property has been kept to palatial standards.

Get creative with unique staircase design

Unique staircase designs act as a focal point for your custom home. Especially because it’s usually the first thing most people look at when they walk in the front door. See, a unique staircase does more than just add architectural value, it’s a conversation piece too.  If you’re looking to add more storage to your home, a staircase can be a great way to conceal it.

Whether you want to design a floating, futuristic-inspired rendition with glass panels included, or you want a more traditional, classic style with rod iron or wood pillars and intricate spiral bannisters. BRIKS Design-Build Group partners with some of the best architect firms in Mississauga.

Map out a laundry room upstairs

Laundry rooms on the upstairs level add both convenience and functional benefits to the modern-day custom designed home. Just think about the amount of time you’ll save carrying laundry up and down the stairs. Not only does it feel luxurious, but your linens will stay cleaner too.

Add a spa

Large master bathrooms that come fully equipped with large soaker tubs, steaming sauna’s, double sinks and other luxurious features can add incredible home value, not to mention relaxation.

Build nature into your home

Incorporating nature and fusing with the outdoors and indoors will likely become more and more popular. After all, it’s not news that nature seems to have incredibly grounding effects on us. Incorporating nature into home design can be a great way to add greenery and breathe life into a space.

Add wine storage

Especially for the homeowners that love to entertain and host, one of the best ways to induce a sense of opulence into your custom home design is by building a wine room. Make the most of unused space under the stairs or keep your reserves on display elsewhere.

Make sure to install custom coolers and shelves too. What else to immaculately display that vintage Italian or French wine you picked up on your last trip through Europe?

Plan for a functional outdoor living space

While it’s true that some homeowners might prefer less yard maintenance than others, another great way to make your custom home stand out fuses functional living with the outdoors. When it comes to your custom home design, outdoor living spaces are both functional in their use, and low maintenance. Functional outdoor living space as an extension of your home can add long-term resale value to your property as well as enhance your own personal enjoyment.

Having a stone paved patio with a grilling area, built in bar or extended fire pit are all delicious ways to amplify outdoor living space usage. Additionally, wood decks are also great alternatives to extend your outdoor living space, for two and three storey homes.

Choose the right construction firm for building your custom designed home.

Selecting the right construction firm who uses the best quality materials is our promise to you. Not only does BRIKS Design-Build Group come with years of experience, we’re building fast and optimizing even quicker. While we can  make pretty much anything happen, a good custom home builder in Mississauga should be able to provide you with both cost-effective options as well as more luxurious ones. 

Let’s bring your dream home to life. Choose us. Partner with one of the best custom home builders in Mississauga.

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Why Sustainable Design Should Matter More than Ever to Toronto Custom Home Builders

Ready to be transported to your future custom home in Toronto?

Pristine marble tile in your front entranceway glints as you walk in the front door. It has a minimalistic design that feels calming in nature and serene almost immediately upon entering. Not only is your custom-built home in Toronto beautiful, it can actually improve your life too. That is, with the help of sustainable architecture design.

By partnering with the best design build firm in Toronto, at BRIKS Design-Build Group, we believe sustainable architecture design should matter more than ever to Toronto construction home builders, because it will shape the experience of homeownership in the future.

What is sustainable architecture?

Sustainability as a movement has been a hot-topic for discussion, especially in the custom home building industry. As a general concept, sustainable architecture essentially seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. It does this through energy efficient design, and moderation of its resources with reusable, regenerating materials, forms of energy, and development space within the general ecosystem at large.

In a nutshell, sustainable architecture cares about using resources and materials that don’t jeopardize the health of our world and can actually improve the health and experience of its occupants. As technology continues to move forward, it only makes sense to build sustainable design into the products that we source for the construction industry too.

Thanks to sustainable architectural design, we’re able to improve building efficiency and enable buildings to capture or generate their own energy in a self-sufficient way.

Technology Integrations in the Toronto Construction Industry

More than just bringing you trendy new builds integrated with technology, sustainable architecture will help the construction industry leverage technology to minimize waste and pollution too.

The buildings, communities and custom homes we build will be equipped with resources that simultaneously improve the lives of homeowners. The equipment that we use to build your custom home will run off of reusable energy and create minimal waste.

Urban Planning, Architecture & Sustainable Design

From entire cities overhauling their infrastructure to be more efficient to incorporating more energetic, sustainable design into custom home builds. In urban planning environments, architecture and custom home building are leveraging technology to place sustainable design at the crux of your experience.

When it comes to building the custom homes of the future, work with a Toronto custom home builder who cares about where materials are sourced, if there were local options available and if there was a more sustainable, efficient way of navigating the design process

Quality & Durability
When it comes to thinking about the quality and durability of sustainable home construction materials, a good custom home builder in Toronto should be able to provide you with material options that suit your budget. While it’s important that they’re ethically sourced, it also matters that they get the job done and effectively protect your house from the outside elements.

Durability will play a key factor here. For the most durable materials to consider for your new home, stick to brick, stone, recycled steel and concrete. While it’s often true that the more you’re willing to pay, the better-quality product you receive. There are also great cost-effective construction materials out there too. As we continue to build homes for the future, technology will produce more recyclable products and versions of these materials over time.

Insulation and ventilation remain critical for custom home building designs

Keep in mind, sustainable design has a lot to do with a building’s insulation, as well as other architectural design components too. You’ll want to install the best quality windows and ventilation systems you can buy that are energy efficient and effectively deliver on their claims.

You also want to select the products used in your custom-built home that have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions rating to support this environmental efficiency design. The right architect firm in Toronto will be able to consult you on more energetic design options. There’s no denying that sustainable architecture and design is important to both the custom home building industry and the future generation of homeowners.

Reducing our carbon footprint will continue to become a bigger conversation across all industries. Especially when it comes to Toronto construction firms and custom home builders in Toronto, at BRIKS Design-Build Group we’re on a mission to build your custom home completely tailored to your wants and needs. With the help of technology and accessible education, it doesn’t make sense for us not to build efficiency and environmental mindfulness into the products we use to build our homes. Quite simply, it’s just the right thing to do.

luxury white kitchen custom home building for hottest kitchen design trends

5 New Trends for the Hottest Kitchen Designs

Each year, the hottest kitchen design trends make headlines, and this summer is no different.

In architecture, interior home design and custom-home building, today’s hottest kitchen designs are soulful and quiet with earthly materials, fusing indoor and outdoor worlds, two-toned cabinetry and mingling metals with matte black everywhere and a general weathered sea-salt-of-the-earth feel.

Matte black cabinetry and details

Sultry black matte features are all the rage this year in today’s hottest kitchen designs. Giving a contemporary and modern aesthetic to sleek kitchen designs.

Whether it’s matte black cabinetry for a dramatic, striking and memorable look, or more subtle. With matte black cabinetry hardware, black is the hottest colour for today’s hottest kitchen designs.

Black pairs beautifully with either luxurious marble countertops, or to those who prefer eco-friendly, exposed timber and rustic vibes. It’s easy to keep clean, and its matte coating protects it from scuffs and scratches.

Two-tone kitchens

In 2019, we’ll see more two-toned kitchens in today’s hottest kitchen designs. Playing with colour and materials that give an urban luxe feel. With contrasting shades.

For those who want to play with this trend on a budget, two-toning your kitchen can translate directly to painting your centre island in a feature shade. Try a deep navy blue, gunmetal grey, or dark forest green.

Architects and interior designers are also curating spaces with lots of natural wood. Used sparingly against lacquered ceramic cabinetry for a beautiful juxtaposition and to add texture in the space.

Industrial countertops

The industrial trend has been prevalent for the past few years now. In 2019, we’re seeing more and more builders and designers incorporate the trend into warm, livable spaces that are modern, yet functional too.

As with most materials, the rawer and more in its natural state — the better. Low maintenance countertops have to be considered, but a mix of both rustic and practicality adds balance to the look.

For those homeowners that don’t want to make the investment in the real materials, there are fantastic alternatives with life-like features. Including swirls of rust and concrete ingrained throughout the replica stones.

Mingling metals

We’re seeing mixed metals showcased in today’s hottest kitchen designs, too.

Further, while brass was a favourite in 2018, we’re now seeing matte black hardware, pewter, copper and champagne bronze for a strikingly modern yet organic look.

Ultra-modern farmhouse sinks designed with hammered copper basins will become a conversation piece. Very reminiscent of French or Italian countrysides.

Earthly materials

Sustainable luxury is in. Eco-friendly materials are complemented by minimalistic design.

Earthly kitchen materials will be used in today’s hottest kitchen designs. In everything from backsplashes that complement the sink and cabinetry or look raw and rustic on countertops and flooring.

In closing, for both indoor and outdoor kitchens in today’s hottest kitchen designs, we’re seeing décor pieces complemented with smooth, clay basins and dishes that give a modern-day monastery feel that leads to a calm and serene space.

Whether you’re entertaining friends or enjoying a casual family dinner at home, these trends will create an atmosphere of serenity, drama and elegance through contemporary modern interior design.

luxury home oluxury home on sprawling custom home building lot luxury homes for millennialsn sprawling custom home building lot luxury homes for millennials

What Luxury Homes will look like for Millennials

What will luxury homes look like for Millennials? For the future generation of homeowners, sustainable luxury, innovation, and energetic design will be the new signal of affluence.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t still be incredible class, timelessness, and luxury involved in the design process.

From luxurious penthouse apartments to 10,000-square-foot “humble abodes,” Millennials still want all the creature comforts.

So, what will luxury homes look like for Millennials? And what will be trending in luxury home design for this forward-thinking generation?

Millennials want a home that they can grow into — and they’re willing to pay for it.

Because Millennials lived at home for longer, they focused more on career goals, education and likely landed better or equal salaries to their parents.

Which means that even outside of the luxury home market, they’re in a position to skip the starter home entirely and purchase a more expensive home instead.

In fact, 59% per cent of millennials have already achieved their dream of home ownership — at least, that’s according to a survey facilitated in May 2018 by Canadian mortgage insurer Genworth Canada.

Keep in mind that’s high, according to Statistics Canada — who only reported a rate of home ownership of 43.6 per cent for 20-34-year old’s in 2016.

However, the Genworth data proves that Millennials are going to be buying and building homes in the future one way or another. The proof is in the pudding: over the next two years, 30 per cent of millennials plan on making their first home purchase.

Home amenities and community are important to Millennials and Generation Z

As the saying in real estate goes, “location, location, location”.

The up-and-coming homeowner generation is tech-driven but integrated with social channels in a way that considers their environment and community — as a priority.

Millennials want their luxury homes to have a new, clean, and modern design, but are less concerned about aesthetic and more interested in convenience, community, function, and amenities.

Homes that have walkability, are near restaurants and shops or have a few feature things to do in the area are all important facets of consideration for the Millennial homeowner.

For those who are looking to put roots down, close proximity to parks, schools, community centers, and other kid-friendly services make for attractive living features to families.

Space is still at a premium

With the Millennial generation entering into the Boomer home market, they’re looking at properties with an average house price of about $500,000 and around 2,500 square feet — for the most part in Toronto real estate.

For luxury residences, that square footage will only continue to grow.

It’s true that Millennials care about the environment, having a mindful carbon footprint and are well-acquainted with the TLC “Tiny House” and “nomadic” lifestyle trend.

However, for those that can afford it, they want maximum space optimized to their surroundings —and with a minimalistic design.

Millennial luxury homes will also need to be large enough for entertaining.

Inside there may be the main kitchen, as well as a second kitchenette to make dinner parties less cluttered.

Many home builders and architects can also build out extended butler’s pantries or add additional sculleries that provide more storage and cooking space.

Millennials want to experience a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors

Perhaps influenced by their “Flower Child” parents, Millennials have always displayed a sense of altruism towards their environments.

They also grew up in a period of time where they can easily remember life before technology, and life after — in vivid colour.

Not unlike their parents’ childhoods, Millennials can easily remember playing outdoors often and with neighborhood friends.

Further, with tech start-ups like Tesla and Apple becoming remarkable testaments to the digital transformation era, it makes sense why this generation cohort wants to bring a sense of holism and simplicity into their homes.

To incorporate nature in a luxurious way, builders and architects are adding contemporary features with accordion-style glass doors, as well as waist-high folding glass windows over kitchen counters, to blur the lines between inside and out.

In some ways, it makes sense why this “Instagram-reel-worthy” inspired generation has an eye for contemporary luxury home design — one that keeps eco-friendly sustainability features in mind.

new home construction trends showcasing white concrete house near green tree during daytime

These are the NEW Home Construction Trends Home Buyers Want

New home construction trends are constantly evolving.

Believe it or not, you might be surprised to discover that the new home construction trends relevant to the modern millennial generation are quickly evolving faster than we’ve ever anticipated to know.

With more and more homebuyers of the future demanding functional design, it makes a lot of sense too. Not only are new home construction trends focusing on quality craftsmanship, but they’re merging comfort and convenience into the lives of homeowners too.

Beyond just fashionable and trendy aesthetics. Or striking and dramatic architecture. Today’s home buyers want more from their living space.

From fusing tech with lifestyle to accessible living options, maximizing space for less and environmentally focused details.

At the end of the day, it’s important to consider the latest-and-greatest new home construction trends of the future, because ultimately it will impact your resale value later down the line.

Especially as you grow into different chapters throughout your life.

Keep in mind, new home construction trends can become more important to you based on your current living needs. These new home construction trends, alterations or details don’t have to break the bank either.

Think more sustainable design, environmentally-sourced materials, energy-efficient details and ample storage space, just to name a few.

More than anything, home buyers of this modern Millennial generation are demanding that home builders and architects of the future incorporate livable and meaningful design. That not only enhances their lives but complements it too.

Homebuyers want an accessible and efficient laundry room

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 91% of people surveyed (in the U.S.A.) want a separate laundry room in their new home.

That makes a lot of sense.

An accessible laundry room fit with all of the latest energy-efficient appliances is not just functional, but enjoyable too.

For the modern home buyer generation, having a separate laundry room allows you to keep your space free from clutter, dirty clothes, ironing or other mud-room related activities.

Keeping everything in one space means that it stays away from other areas of your house. Like that fresh linen couch ordered online from Restoration Hardware. Hello, vino? Your stains aren’t welcome here.

For home buyers or owners that don’t already have an optimal laundry room, fear not. An experienced architect and a professional contractor can easily assess which room would be best for this in your home. For renovated homes, basements are usually great options to place a laundry room. Most of the time they’re already unfinished or the utility lines are already in place and easy to access.

However, for new home builds, custom-homes, renovation projects or those homeowners that simply want their laundry room to be easier to access, adding a laundry room closer to the bedroom generally costs anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 or upwards. Ultimately, the cost to install will vary based on the project.

Energy conservation is key

With more and more homes incorporating smart home technology, there’s no denying that home buyers of today care about fusing technology with a comfortable home experience.

Having more energy-efficient choices means that home buyers don’t have to minimize comfort in exchange for optimal appliance usage.

Take for example the fact that energy-efficient windows can trim heating and cooling costs significantly, based on your location and municipality.

With vacuum-sealed invisible glass coatings, solid weather stripping and improved framing materials, the latest technology for today’s windows are advanced.

Meanwhile, your latest-and-greatest laundry and dishwasher appliances can significantly drive down your utility bills.

Outdoor living matters

According to survey respondents, outdoor living is one of the most coveted areas of a home.

Outdoor living allows for great entertainment, family-friendly activities or can simply be a fantastic extension of living space within your home.

Home buyers today want everything from traditional walk-out patios to elevated decks or backyard firepits. Don’t forget to budget for full-barbeque grilling kitchen areas. What else are backyards made for?

Garage storage space is key

With more and more urban dwellings, garage space has quickly become a coveted opportunity for home expansion.

In fact, it turns out, converting a garage into a livable space is all the rage.

For buyers that need lots of storage space, converting their garage into a usable room makes a lot of sense.

Buyers should keep in mind that any type of streamlined living easily equates to better resale value. Even if you’re not ready to make the full leap and completely convert your garage, creating some space in your garage helps to keep clutter out of other areas of your home.

The cost for installation or renovation will vary from project to project. However, you’ll want to budget for strategically-placed cabinetry and shelving, discreet storage, overhead lighting, and additional electrical circuits.

kitchen design ideas briks design build group custom home builds

Most popular flooring for kitchens and bathrooms

What’s the most popular flooring for kitchens and bathrooms? 

There’s no denying that the quality of your interior finishes for your custom home or home renovation has a significant impact on the look and atmosphere of its style.

As a custom home builder, we’re dedicated to helping you make choices that are timeless, durable and affordable.

So that you can enjoy your home for decades — and don’t feel the need to do a renovation 10 years later. Choosing quality materials is key.

So, what are the most popular flooring for kitchens and bathrooms?

With kitchens and bathrooms being busy, high-traffic rooms, here are the most popular materials for flooring. Remember, whatever option you choose to go with, safety should come first. Flooring in these rooms needs to be non-slip and easy to clean. Without sacrificing beauty.

High-quality vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring options available. Since it’s a man-made, manufactured material it’s completely water and stain resistant. It’s easy to clean. And simple to sweep to remove dust and debris.

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring is made of much higher quality material than what existed decades ago. Today’s patterns and textures mimic the look of other materials such as wood and stone with remarkable accuracy.

Ceramic and porcelain tile

Ceramic tile is extremely durable and easy to keep clean — including the new stain-resistant grouts that are available.

Additionally, Ceramic is also an inexpensive option. Made from clay, sand, and water, this material is molded into shape. Then baked to remove the moisture.

Due to the higher moisture content in ceramic tile, it should only be used indoors. The reason is that ceramic tile is more susceptible to freezing and thaw-related weather cracks.

Porcelain tile comes from dense forms of clay (compared to ceramic). Since it’s less porous it’s more durable.

Porcelain can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It won’t crack as easily in colder climates as ceramic tile does. And it also generally lasts longer than ceramic in pretty much every application. Lastly, it easily withstands high foot traffic and increased levels of wear and tear.

Since ceramic and porcelain tiles both come in endless shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. You can create any look or style you want in your kitchen or bathroom. From farmhouse vintage to modern sleek simplicity. There are tiles and pattern combinations to suit any style.

Natural stone

Whenever you’re incorporating natural materials into your custom home or renovation, they usually give a luxurious look to the space. The most popular natural stone options for kitchens and bathrooms are marble, granite, slate, travertine and sandstone.

It’s important to note that natural stone is porous. Which makes it susceptible to water and stains. You’ll have to seal the stone on an annual basis depending on how much how much foot traffic it gets.

Additionally, a super-absorbent stone can be prone to cracking and damage in freezing cold conditions. Certain stones are also more porous and susceptible to water damage than others. So make sure you choose the right stone for your space.

Consider the quality of materials

Whenever you’re sourcing natural stone materials, some retailers might use a grading system to rate the quality of materials. This grading system is often dependent on size, shape and thickness of the material as well as the condition of its surface.

  • Grade 1: refers to high-quality, uniform materials.
  • Grade 2: might have some minor defects done to the stone like chips, scratches or irregular surfaces.
  • Grade 3: will likely have major flaws in size, shape and surface. These are only going to work as accent pieces as part of a decorative application.

Ultimately, choosing the right materials for your kitchen and bathroom is an important process and selecting your finishes. Which usually means that your end goal for your dream home is likely in sight.

Whether your design taste is modern and sleek, or you prefer a more traditional or natural look, work with an experienced and professional home builder and a talented interior designer to help make a choice that’s both practical and attractive — but also has a timelessness. That way as décor trends change throughout the years, your floor will still look good and complement any new interior design trends.