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5 Ways to Make Your Custom Design Home in Mississauga Stand Out

At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we’re one of the leading Mississauga home builders and one of the best design firms out there. We offer premiere general contracting services for all types of residential and commercial projects. There’s a few elements to ensure your custom home will truly stand out.

Invest in Landscaping

Landscaping Design Ideas for Mississauga Home Builders

A beautifully landscaped yard can truly make all the difference. When your lawn is well-manicured, the opulence of your home can really stand out.

Full of plush, bright green grass edged to sharpness, lush shrubbery that’s been aesthetically shaped to perfection, with stone covered plant beds filled with an overflow of flowers and foliage. When you landscape your home, it shows your property has been kept to palatial standards.

Get creative with unique staircase design

Unique staircase designs act as a focal point for your custom home. Especially because it’s usually the first thing most people look at when they walk in the front door. See, a unique staircase does more than just add architectural value, it’s a conversation piece too.  If you’re looking to add more storage to your home, a staircase can be a great way to conceal it.

Whether you want to design a floating, futuristic-inspired rendition with glass panels included, or you want a more traditional, classic style with rod iron or wood pillars and intricate spiral bannisters. BRIKS Design-Build Group partners with some of the best architect firms in Mississauga.

Map out a laundry room upstairs

Laundry rooms on the upstairs level add both convenience and functional benefits to the modern-day custom designed home. Just think about the amount of time you’ll save carrying laundry up and down the stairs. Not only does it feel luxurious, but your linens will stay cleaner too.

Add a spa

Large master bathrooms that come fully equipped with large soaker tubs, steaming sauna’s, double sinks and other luxurious features can add incredible home value, not to mention relaxation.

Build nature into your home

Incorporating nature and fusing with the outdoors and indoors will likely become more and more popular. After all, it’s not news that nature seems to have incredibly grounding effects on us. Incorporating nature into home design can be a great way to add greenery and breathe life into a space.

Add wine storage

Especially for the homeowners that love to entertain and host, one of the best ways to induce a sense of opulence into your custom home design is by building a wine room. Make the most of unused space under the stairs or keep your reserves on display elsewhere.

Make sure to install custom coolers and shelves too. What else to immaculately display that vintage Italian or French wine you picked up on your last trip through Europe?

Plan for a functional outdoor living space

While it’s true that some homeowners might prefer less yard maintenance than others, another great way to make your custom home stand out fuses functional living with the outdoors. When it comes to your custom home design, outdoor living spaces are both functional in their use, and low maintenance. Functional outdoor living space as an extension of your home can add long-term resale value to your property as well as enhance your own personal enjoyment.

Having a stone paved patio with a grilling area, built in bar or extended fire pit are all delicious ways to amplify outdoor living space usage. Additionally, wood decks are also great alternatives to extend your outdoor living space, for two and three storey homes.

Choose the right construction firm for building your custom designed home.

Selecting the right construction firm who uses the best quality materials is our promise to you. Not only does BRIKS Design-Build Group come with years of experience, we’re building fast and optimizing even quicker. While we can  make pretty much anything happen, a good custom home builder in Mississauga should be able to provide you with both cost-effective options as well as more luxurious ones.

Let’s bring your dream home to life. Choose us. Partner with one of the best custom home builders in Mississauga.

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