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Turns out, today’s homeowners want livable garages. The days of dirty, dusty and storage-filled garages have come to an end. This isn’t your grandfather’s garage anymore. Believe it or not, many builders and renovators are transforming garages into useful, comfortable living spaces. In fact, according to this article in the Globe and Mail, “the City of Toronto, building permit data from 2014 showed homeowners had spent almost $30 million on more than 2,400 garage conversion
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What’s the most popular flooring for kitchens and bathrooms?  There’s no denying that the quality of your interior finishes for your custom home or home renovation has a significant impact on the look and atmosphere of its style. As a custom home builder, we’re dedicated to helping you make choices that are timeless, durable and affordable. So that you can enjoy your home for decades — and don’t feel the need to do a renovation
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In the custom home building industry, it’s important to be at the leading edge of innovation and design trends. Quite simply, to meet the demands of constantly evolving lifestyles. The newest home buyers on the horizon are Millennials. Since they don’t have the same lifestyle of their Baby Boomer parents, they have different home design tastes and preferences. Many Millennials are focused on functional design. Think low maintenance, energy-efficiency, environment-friendly materials and beyond. The good news
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Millennial homeownership. It’s not news to anyone that Millennials aren’t buying homes in the same way that the previous generation did. You might be thinking… Fact or fiction? Turns out there might be some truth to this. But it doesn’t mean they don’t still have dreams of “millennial homeownership”. In fact, in Canada, Millennial homeownership rates are consistently higher compared to other countries. Naturally, Toronto and Vancouver markets have some of the highest ownership rates,
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As if we’re in a real-life Jetson’s episode, today’s SMART home technology is allowing John to be able to start dinner while stuck in traffic on his way home, unlock his front door for a delivery while at the airport or check on what his dog is doing while in a work meeting. Turns out… homes are getting smarter. Literally. Quickly advancing digital technology has completely changed the home design process. SMART home technology connects
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Innovating restaurant and bar design ideas make a huge impact on your experience as a food establishment. When you fuse the worlds of food and experience, you’ll get an addictive combination that people naturally gravitate to. It’s a no brainer. Everyone loves to eat out. More than enjoying a fantastic made-for-you meal, eating out gives people a reason to get together, connect and escape. And most of the time? People like to enjoy their food
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Architecture and interior design trends are constantly evolving and ultimately becoming new again. Whenever we’re thinking about building a new home, interior design trends can give us an idea on what to expect for the future looking forward. For the creative and design-driven architects to the trendy homeowners who always stay ahead of the curve, here’s a list of the hottest trends paving the way to the future in architectural and interior design.  Architecture and
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Kitchen design ideas are about more than just beautifying a room in your home. Your kitchen is like the heart of the home. At the end of a long day, kitchens serve an integral component to the actual sense of what it means to come home, unwind or enjoy a meal with family. Kitchens are the parts of our homes that represent bonding, sharing, making new friends and celebrating family. Which is why when we