How Millennials are influencing custom home building

In the custom home building industry, it’s important to be at the leading edge of innovation and design trends. Quite simply, to meet the demands of constantly evolving lifestyles.

The newest home buyers on the horizon are Millennials. Since they don’t have the same lifestyle of their Baby Boomer parents, they have different home design tastes and preferences.

Many Millennials are focused on functional design. Think low maintenance, energy-efficiency, environment-friendly materials and beyond.

The good news is, Millennials plan to own a home within the next five years

Millennials are having a surprising effect on custom home building and in 2018 alone Millennials made up half of Canada’s first-time home buyers.

In fact, the cross-Canada survey conducted by Leger found that 87 per cent of Canadians aged 25 to 30 believe homeownership is a good investment. More so, 69 per cent hope to own a home in the next five years.

This home buying generation has unique requests.

Millennials care more about function than square footage

Convenience and connectedness are the new square footage to the Millennial generation. From technology to neighborhoods, wellness amenities and social networks, Millennials want to build their home where they can feel connected and part of a community. To this generation, a new home represents an opportunity to connect and socialize with friends and family.

Many Millennials opt for urban city dwellings over the sprawling suburbs for their first home. As the saying goes, Millennials want to “be where the action is”. At this stage, they don’t want “too much house” since it requires more upkeep than they want to do.

Less house to maintain means more time for the social scene.

Some Millennials also perceive smaller homes to be less demanding on the environment. Further, Millennials want design elements and home construction materials that have been ethically sourced and are eventually biodegradable, recyclable, or good for the environment.

Smart homes infused with technology

Having a SMART home is also important to this high-tech generation. Jill Waage, an editorial director at Better Homes and Gardens, said during a presentation at the 2015 International Builders’ Show, “Our research shows that women 35 and under see value in owning a home and their attitudes toward making space livable through smart technology and integrated design are significantly stronger than those of their older cohorts. The next generation of homeowners will lead the way in adopting new technology — making features like the ability to preheat an oven or unlock the front door from a smartphone the new norm in home convenience.” 

More and more homes being equipped to support SMART home technology. It’s a no-brainer that this technology needs to be supported starting with the new home construction process. From properly wiring the electrical throughout the house and insuring WiFi connectivity is strong and consistent from room to room.

Multifunctional spaces to maximize on space

Millennials care about minimalism and maximizing space for functionality with clever design.

Top of the list for design strategies includes capturing and creating opportunities for sunlight from various areas in the home.

As well, fluid and open floor plans, lots of windows, half-wall dividers and translucent or clear glass-paneled doors that allow light to travel more deeply into the interior of a home are desired.

Light naturally expands smaller spaces which makes this a great design strategy to make the space look larger than it actually is.

Flexible space is key

Aside from adding light to a room, multifunctional spaces that are flexible in their use are key.

Incorporating movable elements such as doors on tracks rather than swinging open, and cabinetry or storage on wheels are all ways to be more space-efficient.

With Millennials choosing smaller spaces, they’re able to indulge in high-quality finishes and interesting features in their home. For example, even with less square footage, they’ll opt for a eucalyptus-infused steam shower with rainforest shower heads.

In this article by New Home Source, it’s surprising to learn what the most desired features are that Millennials want in a home.

Turns out, features related to energy efficiency topped their list of interests. A separate laundry room was also on the most-wanted list, with 55 per cent saying they wouldn’t buy a new home without one. Believe it or not, exterior lighting came in second, with 88 per cent saying it was essential or desirable. Storage also made the top 10 list, with linen closets, a walk-in pantry and garage storage also being important.

The least likely features Millennials claimed to care about? Outdoor kitchens with plumbing and appliances and two-story foyers and living rooms. However, entertaining outdoors is important to Millennials and living room like settings are key. But anything beyond having a barbecue for grilling hasn’t really been deemed as necessary.

Regardless, your custom home or renovation should represent your personal style. And reflect who you are and what you want the space to embody. Millennials are proving to have unique tastes which makes for an exciting future in home building and design.

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Here’s Why Millennials Should Build Their Homes Instead of Buy

Millennial homeownership. It’s not news to anyone that Millennials aren’t buying homes in the same way that the previous generation did.

You might be thinking… Fact or fiction?

Turns out there might be some truth to this. But it doesn’t mean they don’t still have dreams of “millennial homeownership”.

In fact, in Canada, Millennial homeownership rates are consistently higher compared to other countries.

Naturally, Toronto and Vancouver markets have some of the highest ownership rates, among other cities like Calgary which surprisingly has the highest percentage of homeowners under 35.

The report goes on to indicate, that Millennials ultimately need more housing options. So it’s not so much about not having a desire for millennial homeownership. But rather, more so to do with college debt and rising home prices, and the 2008 recession that has left many Millennials choosing to live at home longer instead.

While that’s enabling them to save up longer to make a down payment on a home, it’s still increasingly getting more difficult to get into the real estate market today.

Urban city dwellings make renting look more attractive because that way their lives can remain “Instagram-nomadic”. While there’s a strategy to this, it’s important to consider both sides of the coin.

On the one hand, renting allows you to be more adaptive to changing jobs and cities frequently.

On the other hand, you’re missing out on a lucrative opportunity to establish equity in a home and plan for a future.

There’s no denying that getting into today’s real estate market is difficult. Which is why in so many ways, building a home is the best option for Millennials.

Here’s why.

The cost of entry is generally much lower

New homes are generally more spacious, with a medium size of about 2,500 square feet.

Which means the ballpark cost per square foot is around $100 give or take. This is significantly lower cost per square foot than what you would pay in square footage for an established, existing home.

Additionally, if you’re building a home you only pay for what you want.

If you end up choosing to buy resale, you inherit a number of existing features that you pay a premium for. Even if you don’t want them!

You can custom-tailor every detail to your liking

This is probably one of the most attractive reasons to build a home for Millennials.

Who wants to live with someone else’s structural problems or taste in décor?

For the same amount of money (or less) you can build a home that’s completely custom to your own style and preferences.

More than that, you can include any special requests that are specifically tailored to your lifestyle.

While renovating an older, resale home is possible, you can’t make changes to the floorplan too significantly. Oftentimes, general contractors will come up against structural barriers and other issues that restrict your creative design wants.

More than that, while the renovation process is the right choice for many. In some cases (especially ones that require extensive maintenance) it can indicate other damages that have been done under the surface in an older home.

The fact of the matter is, while it’s always possible to renovate an older home, you just can’t get full customization like you can when you build from the ground up.

For Millennials, building a new home means that you can also leverage the latest in industry trends and SMART home technology. [link to internal post]

By ensuring that your home is built with the latest materials, Millennials can benefit from more durable and energy-efficient options that save them money and positively impact the environment.

Maintenance is less expensive

It’s pretty much a no-brainer, older homes have more wear and tear.

Which means certain elements of the property may need more maintenance.

Even worse, you may purchase a new home that has a laundry list of features that need to be replaced or are on their last legs. That sounds expensive.

If you build your home, there’s considerably less upkeep — which is one of the primary benefits to new construction.

Everything in your custom home is new and under warranty. Sometimes, your entire home can be protected for up to 10 years before you have to pay out of pocket. Win-win.

Financial programs are available to new home buyers

At the end of the day, there’s no wonder Millennials aren’t wanting to buy homes. You’ll need to consider having enough savings for a down payment, ensuring that your credit score is in good standing and that your job qualifies you to apply for a mortgage securely.

With many Millennials are harboring large student debt loans, there’s no wonder that buying a home and making a large financial investment feels overwhelming.

The truth is, it is possible for you to get into the real estate market.

Connect with a well-informed mortgage agent who can fully explain the entire buying and financing process. You’d be surprised to discover that building a home is much more affordable than you think.

From a financial perspective, once you have a plan and budget laid out, you’ve already figured out half the battle.

With all of the tax savings and first-home buyer incentives explained, building a home is a much smarter way to invest your money than rent.

Renting a property is like flushing money down the toilet.

Your money isn’t going back into the equity of the home, you don’t have any assets and you’re essentially helping someone else to pay their mortgage.

When you reframe home ownership to look at your property as not only a place that you live but a save planning; home ownership becomes the clear, most-advantageous choice.

Building your dream home doesn’t just mean you become a homeowner.

It means freedom. As in, financial freedom.

As a Millennial, you likely want to resist the confines of what’s expected of you.

Whether you remain lusting after a nomadic “Instagram lifestyle” or plan to put down roots for a while.

Build a home instead.

books shelf under stairs

Paying attention to details – staircase design

Designing and creating a new home involves a lot of attention to detail, sometimes the small details can get blocked out by the larger focus-pulling decisions. But it is important that you consider every aspect of your new home including something small such as your staircase design. That is why Posche, the best construction contractors, believes it is important to pay attention to blossoming trends for all aspects of your new home. So lets explore what’s new in staircase trends.


  • Bookcase Staircase

Add character to your home through the unique trend of having your staircase also act as a bookcase. This trend makes better use of your space and will give your home a unique look that will have your guests in awe.


  • Glass Staircase`

Update your staircase with this versatile staircase. With it’s simple glass paneling this staircase will suit any style home and it is perfect way to add a sleek and modern touch to your home.


  • Floating Staircase

This minimalistic staircase will make you feel like you are walking on air. The clutter will be no more with this space freeing addition to your home, not to mention that your guests will find this simple staircase unforgettable.




So let BRIKS, Canadas best renovation contractors, help you install your unique staircase today.


The Top 5 Trends for Fall

It seems like a scary word, but the truth is fall is just around the corner. With the days becoming cooler and the home trends changing, there is no doubt that home décor will be making a splash this fall with new colours and gorgeous home trends. We have rounded up our 5 top trends for fall, making its way to a home near you!
1. Woven Textures: Fall reminds us of warm blankets and cozy pillows. It also reminds us of hand woven details like baskets. This trend has real intentions of making a big impact with woven details being incorporated not only in storage as baskets, but as wall décor. We can’t wait to see this trend make its mark this fall.

2. Quilts: This trend really made its mark during the last fall/winter season and it once again is back in full force. Forget the bulky duvets as people’s top bedding choice. Quilts are here and they are here to stay!

3. Dark Paint: Everywhere you look nowadays, homeowners top wall paint choices are neutrals in whites, beiges and at times nudes or blushes. If there is a hint of dark colour, you only seem it come about with accent walls. However, the trends are changing and bold impactful wall colours are now in! Don’t be surprised if you see dark tones in blacks, greys, reds or greens as the preferred colours of choice.

4. Decals: Throughout Canada, home decals have been in and its much credit to a Vancouver based company Urban Walls! No need to take a paint brush to a wall to significantly impact the décor of a room. Decals are now the easier alternative to upping the décor game without having to do very much. What’s even better is that the decals provided by Urban Walls are easy to install and even easier to remove! Looking to up your home reno & design game even more? Contact the best construction contractors today!

5. Velvet Everything: Probably our favourite trend for fall: Velvet! As they say what was once in will be in again, and that definitely is the case now! Velvet home pieces are all the rage right now, with everything from velvet coffee tables, to sofas and more. Hop onto the latest trend and grab your favourite velvet piece. Up the trend game by going for a bold colour too!


Looking to take your home to the next level this fall? Contact Canada’s best renovations contractors. We’ll make your home trendy and gorgeous!

office room

What’s big for your home flooring this season?

What’s big for your home flooring this season? From classic wood flooring to smooth and sophisticated tiling, let us look at 3 fresh trends that will have your flooring ready to go for 2018.

1) Dark Stained Wood Floors

The dark stained wood flooring will keep any space in your home looking elegant and up to trend. The darkness of the wood adds a richness to the room that can be nicely contrasted by a variety of furniture décor. So when it comes time to switch up that old leather couch, feel free to go light or dark, with these versatile wood floors the sky is the limit.

2) Cement Style Tile

This season gray has made a big debut in many up to trend homes. A simple, but unique way to bring gray into your home is with a cement style tile. This smooth tile gives your flooring a clean look while adding a subtle gray hue to your home. This is an industrial style flooring that could be the bold change to get you ready to go for 2018.

3) Eco-Friendly Carpet

For any and all earth lovers making a change to their home flooring, try a carpet made up of partially recycled materials. In the end, you will have a durable and environmentally friendly carpet that will always be on trend because making the choice to go green never goes out of style.