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Adding an Addition onto Your Home With Oakville Builders

Every day, more and more homeowners are opting for renovations instead of moving, with the idea of improving their home and quality of life without the hustling of selling and buying a new property. There are many advantages that can be experienced by adding an addition onto your home with Oakville builders. At BRIKS Design-Build Group, our experts have noticed that home additions are one of the most demanded renovations as they can transform an average space into a great one. Whether you need more storage or livable space, home additions are the perfect way to upgrade your current home and improve not only its looks but also its functionality. In this latest blog by BRIKS Design-Build Group, we share some information about some of the benefits of adding an addition onto your home with Oakville builders. 

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You have the opportunity to stay home during the process 

Let’s say you already live in a location you really like and you want to keep your neighborhood and its surroundings but you don’t love your home to its full extent. Any serious and professional Oakville builders can assure you this: You don’t necessarily have to move. You can actually transform your current residence into your dream with some home additions. At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we believe that sometimes it is better to invest in home addition and stay in your current residence than to move to another property and start a whole renovation from scratch. Of course, this depends on each homeowner and their ideal home. We recommend you compare the expense and efforts of a moving and building process and those of a home addition before going for one option or another. 

You can create more livable spaces for you and your family

Let’s be honest: It seems that space is never enough in a home. Especially when you share your spaces with a big family. That is why the first motivation for home additions by Oakville builders is usually the need for space, whether to live in, to store things, or to devote it to specific activities such as crafting, entertainment, work, or sports. This is one of the main benefits of a home addition. It is very important that you discuss the motivation for your home addition with your chosen Oakville builders, so you can receive the proper guidance during the whole process and fully satisfy your needs. For example, if you feel cramped, then you and your family have probably outgrown your spaces. With the addition of new rooms, you can finally get that much-needed space you have been longing for and provide a new life to your home at a very reasonable cost. 

You can increase your property value 

Home additions are actually an investment, even if at first glance they seem like an expense. As professional Oakville builders, BRIKS Design-Build Group believes that, when properly done, home additions are an excellent way to add resale value to your property by means of usable square footage. But take into account that at the moment of considering a home addition you must first think about your motivation and needs and not only about the value increase. Otherwise, you risk ending with a whole new space that adds value to your home but not to your life. Professional Oakville builders can help you to find the perfect way to have the home addition you need plus the benefit of increased property value. A good example of this in many cases is a basement remodel through a room or unit addition that can even become a potential rental income.

You can create a better quality of life in your own home

This may seem like the most forgotten benefit of a home addition but it is actually one of the most important ones. Remember that any home addition is conceived with the idea of improving the quality of your life. At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we truly care about our homeowners and take into account every item of their wish list so they get exactly what they want and feel their life has been improved when the project is complete. Among the many benefits that a home addition can bring to your everyday life are getting more natural light into your home and increasing the quality of airflow. These health benefits are also accompanied by the feeling of clean spaces offered by the addition of storage spaces that will help you to have a clutter-free home. When considering a home addition that improves the overall quality of your life, we suggest you explore with your chosen Oakville builders the possibility of adding entertaining spaces that will make you happy during weekends and holidays or a home office that will let you work peacefully at home.

Add that bit of luxury that you have always been wanting at your home 

The whole point of home addition is customization. That being said, remember that a home addition not only offers you the possibility of having functional extra spaces but also of having those lavish items that you have always dreamed of. As professional Oakville builders, we at BRIKS Design-Build Group believe our homeowners deserve to have exactly what they want and need and a home addition offers them the benefit of tailoring their home to their needs and adding the luxurious touches they have always wanted. In our experience, one of the most demanded home additions is the master bathroom. Adding space to a small bathroom to transform it into a luxurious sanctuary for peace and relaxation is one example of the many benefits you can get from a home addition. 

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