Organic Architecture

The Use of Organic Architecture in Mississauga Custom Home Builds

“Let’s get together Your place.”The mood?

Organic fibres and natural textures. A glass of wine daringly enjoyed against subdued shades of creamy oatmeal biscuit, off-whites and patina-greys. With an artisanal approach, rooms approached with organic architecture or interior design, can be made rustic or contemporary based on your style.

The importance of organic architecture in Mississauga Custom Homes?

Organic architecture leverages raw materials to add texture, depth and dimension to your custom Mississauga built home. Organic architecture and sustainability in design reaches across a number of industries. However, especially in the custom home building industry, more and more environmental and sustainable architectural design concepts are coming at the request of our clients.

In today’s modern age, there seems to be a generational shift occurring. For the homeowners of the future, we’re building minimal environmental impact into how we design our homes, communities and cities.

 What is organic architecture

Deconstructing and reconstructing in its form, the element and essence of organic architecture represents nature, as well as leverages reused or repurposed materials throughout architectural design. From food to relationships, organic as a word, represents the acceptance or unfolding of something in its most pure and natural form. This concept is translated through architectural design with organic materials found in nature that incorporate different levels of smoothness, patterns and coarseness that bring texture and dimension into a space.

This can also lend itself to the organic shapes and sizes found in nature as part of the custom home Mississauga design build process as well. Incorporating a more organic architecture can work from both a structural perspective as well as décor. Here are some ways to incorporate this new sustainable custom home trend that feels holistic and in the raw.

Clay sculptures

Hand shaped ceramic crockery can give a modern-day monastery vibe that brings an earthly essence into a space. Natural and porous by design, stone and clay sculptures add incredible solidarity to a space. Au natural and bare finished, clay sculptures can come in shades of ivory, cool greys and muted taupe. Clay sculptures are both conversational and interesting to bring a sense of organic interior design into your custom home. For archways and areas of interest, smooth clay like shapes or structural features can draw on European coastal vibes or modern-day contemporary minimalism.


Bamboo is light and durable by natural design. The plant has cultural importance as its often used for construction in the Southeast Asian parts of the world. It’s both a renewable and an environmentally-friendly option to hardwood. Further, it’s practically incomparable to more man-made synthetic options due to its natural and original composition.

From bamboo flooring to bamboo ceiling materials, this natural material comes in cabinetry, countertops and décor. Bamboo is the mood, and it’s on the list for organic architecture in design. More than anything, it’s a great “green option” to incorporate into your custom Mississauga home, thanks to its durability. In fact, bamboo favorably compares in strength to some grades of steel and even the hardest of hardwoods.

As an additional benefit, bamboo doesn’t stain, cup or warp to excessive humidity or moisture, as many other hardwood options do. With its rapid regenerative properties, both construction firms and industrial architectural designers are embracing bamboo as a more highly-used material throughout the custom home building process.

Recycled Oak and Timber

Reclaimed oak and timber can be great materials to add organic interior design or used during the construction process by preserving it into the structure of the home. From doing complete home renovations or custom new builds in Mississauga, recycled oak and timber feels rustic and masculine for a feature wall or dark and broody for a basement bar. Further, recycled oak and timber is a fantastic organic material to incorporate into ceiling design, flooring, countertops or custom-made interior or exterior doors.

Natural wood has character, grain and beauty. Depending on the style for your custom Mississauga home, with its raw and organic texture, different shades and tones through stains and finishes can lend itself to unique organic architecture design. Leverage wood for your custom Mississauga home with exposed wood beam ceilings to add depth and dimension to a room. Frame doorways or other subdued home features in order to draw attention to it.

Oceanic or nautical inspired

smart home technology in architecture custom homes and new construction projects

Why Home Builders are embracing SMART home technology

As if we’re in a real-life Jetson’s episode, today’s SMART home technology is allowing John to be able to start dinner while stuck in traffic on his way home, unlock his front door for a delivery while at the airport or check on what his dog is doing while in a work meeting.

Turns out… homes are getting smarter. Literally.

Quickly advancing digital technology has completely changed the home design process.

SMART home technology connects directly to your Internet. With only just a WiFi connection and some savvy programming, you’re able to automate basic tasks and monitor in-home systems.

Further, SMART home technology is designed to be naturally intuitive and super easy to use. So that homeowners can effortlessly add new apps and products to their system. As well as remain more connected to the protection of their property.

Devices that are connected to your home can send the homeowner notifications if any alerts, alarms or changes to the home environment occur. Especially if you live or want to build in a rural, quiet area, SMART home technology can give you incredible peace of mind.

The future in custom home building is calling

In a lot of ways, there’s no denying that technology has made life more convenient for us.

Imagine you could have everything in your home connected to your smartphone. How would you feel knowing that all of your devices are also able to send you information, updates and take your commands?

Today, there’s a number of SMART home products. Take your pick from high-security video systems, command-driven appliances, automated shade and window blinds, cooking utensils and more.

Start with the construction process

Equipping your home with SMART home technology starts with the construction process.

During the construction process, new homes should be wired properly. This allows for seamless wireless integration to support home automation products. Some of these products can include thermostats, lighting, garage doors, exterior door locks, appliances, entertainment systems, and security.

If you’re wanting to renovate your home to incorporate SMART home technology, fear not. It’s still possible. However, older homes can have issues with supporting wireless capabilities and reception might be inconsistent from room to room.

This SMART home technology can increase your home’s potential resale value

From a custom-home building perspective, it’s all about fusing tech with connected design.

If you ever choose to resell your home at a later date, prospective buyers can perceive any existing smart home technology to be a major benefit when in the market for a new home.

More and more home buyers are opting for technology capabilities in their home builds. In the same way that hardwood floors and granite countertops add impact, the reality is: technology adds value to a home. It’s not uncommon for a break and enter to happen while homeowners are on vacation or out of town.

As a custom-home builder, it’s part of our core mission to offer our clients with as many options and home-improvements for their future residence as possible.

As we always say, we build to last, and we keep the future of you and your family top of mind.

Keep in mind when considering incorporating any SMART home technology into your custom-home build, you want to cover the basics. Keep in mind, SMART home technology is often highly personalized. It depends on your needs and wants as a homeowner. One tech tool that matters to you might not matter to another.

With whatever products you inevitably choose, you want the tool to be incredibly easy to use, not noticeable in the design and reliable for everyone.

With this technology, your home has the opportunity to improve your quality of life in new ways.

We’re committed to building your dream home with innovation and change in mind. So that we can deliver the best possible product to you.

Quite simply, this is the digital age and we’re building homes for the future.

At BRIKS Design-Build Group you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute latest in design trends with future-thinking capabilities and ideas.