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6 Famous Hotel Architecture Design Ideas for Burlington Custom Homes

Hotel architecture around the world gains attention far and wide.

Beyond just a place to rest your head during your travels, today’s hotels offer opulence and sophistication in architectural custom home design. Here’s some inspiration for your custom home build in Burlington, Ontario.

Das Stue Berlin

Old world historical touches mixed with 60’s mod brilliance, the Das Stue in Berlin is striking in its convergence between modern contemporary sophistication with traditional design. Previously a palatial building that was once a part of the Danish embassy, the front lobby is grandiose and truly historic feeling yet modernized through luxe mod-chic design and palatial standard upkeep.

In the public areas of the hotel, whimsical shapes and daring uses of texture with pops of colour are peppered throughout the contemporary design. The animal sculptural selection fits right in due to the location of this hotel being directly adjacent to the Berlin Zoo. A separate entrance is available through the restaurant bar’s terrace. Giving you all the inspiration needed to build a basement bar or secret room accessible through a privé entrance.

Archer Hotel New York

The Archer Hotel feels like you’re stepping back into an all-too-real sublime night out in the 1920s. With exposed brick, industrial touches and rod-iron window detailing. This luxury hotel has dark and brooding interiors with contemporary masculine touches to inspire your new custom build home in Burlington, Ontario.

With stunning views of midtown Manhattan, suites feel inviting with different colours, fabrics and artwork used in each room. Floor-to-ceiling windows give each space a plethora of flush natural light. Filled with Chesterfield sofas, lots of leather and bespoke pops of colour and texture in all the right places, as a design option, the Archer Hotel is great inspiration for a complete home renovation or reserved strictly to one room.

Freehand Miami

Famously known for being a beautifully designed hostel, the Freehand Miami is a stylish and trendy hotel that was beautifully designed – at a fraction of the price. Designed by architecture firm Roman & Williams, Freehand Miami aims at providing an ‘affordable luxury’ experience. Whoever said good design can’t be done for less can stand corrected.

The theme throughout the hotel is nautical summer camp – memories yet to be created. Being that it’s in a prime location just a few minutes from the beach, it fits in appropriately with its environment. Herb garden, bocce court, ping-pong tables and a swimming pool are all included. Don’t forget the two bars and a restaurant using locally sourced ingredients too.

 Four Seasons Toronto

Designed by Peter Clewes from the architect firm Alliance, the Four Seasons Toronto is known for its luxury accommodations. Located in the high-society Yorkville area, the Four Seasons Toronto has a modern sensibility richly layered with muted hues and artisanal elements to inspire your custom design build home in Burlington. For interior design, Asian influences and pieces done by local artists add a contemporary refinement that feels modern and classic in nature.

Hotel Unique Sao Paulo

Uniquely imaginative, Hotel Unique was designed by local architect Ruy Ohtake, and comes with visual delights aplenty. Shaped similarly to a cruise ship or a modern-day version of Noah’s ark, it has high ceilings with striking glass panels in the front entranceway lobby. The nautical aesthetic continues with huge porthole windows and dimmed corridors throughout.

The interior is full of colours, shapes and bold forms that feel bright and imaginative. Inspired by the Nizam jewels that are symbolic of the area, the building glimmers like a polished gem mixed with traditional yet contemporary styles. Boutique design hotels across the world become well-traveled hot spots for a reason.

The reality is, our surroundings can lend themselves to inspiration. When it comes to building your custom build home in Burlington, we can incorporate any design concept you have in mind. Dare to dream, as they say? Let’s start building your new custom build home in Burlington, Ontario today.

luxury home oluxury home on sprawling custom home building lot luxury homes for millennialsn sprawling custom home building lot luxury homes for millennials

What Luxury Homes will look like for Millennials

What will luxury homes look like for Millennials? For the future generation of homeowners, sustainable luxury, innovation, and energetic design will be the new signal of affluence.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t still be incredible class, timelessness, and luxury involved in the design process.

From luxurious penthouse apartments to 10,000-square-foot “humble abodes,” Millennials still want all the creature comforts.

So, what will luxury homes look like for Millennials? And what will be trending in luxury home design for this forward-thinking generation?

Millennials want a home that they can grow into — and they’re willing to pay for it.

Because Millennials lived at home for longer, they focused more on career goals, education and likely landed better or equal salaries to their parents.

Which means that even outside of the luxury home market, they’re in a position to skip the starter home entirely and purchase a more expensive home instead.

In fact, 59% per cent of millennials have already achieved their dream of home ownership — at least, that’s according to a survey facilitated in May 2018 by Canadian mortgage insurer Genworth Canada.

Keep in mind that’s high, according to Statistics Canada — who only reported a rate of home ownership of 43.6 per cent for 20-34-year old’s in 2016.

However, the Genworth data proves that Millennials are going to be buying and building homes in the future one way or another. The proof is in the pudding: over the next two years, 30 per cent of millennials plan on making their first home purchase.

Home amenities and community are important to Millennials and Generation Z

As the saying in real estate goes, “location, location, location”.

The up-and-coming homeowner generation is tech-driven but integrated with social channels in a way that considers their environment and community — as a priority.

Millennials want their luxury homes to have a new, clean, and modern design, but are less concerned about aesthetic and more interested in convenience, community, function, and amenities.

Homes that have walkability, are near restaurants and shops or have a few feature things to do in the area are all important facets of consideration for the Millennial homeowner.

For those who are looking to put roots down, close proximity to parks, schools, community centers, and other kid-friendly services make for attractive living features to families.

Space is still at a premium

With the Millennial generation entering into the Boomer home market, they’re looking at properties with an average house price of about $500,000 and around 2,500 square feet — for the most part in Toronto real estate.

For luxury residences, that square footage will only continue to grow.

It’s true that Millennials care about the environment, having a mindful carbon footprint and are well-acquainted with the TLC “Tiny House” and “nomadic” lifestyle trend.

However, for those that can afford it, they want maximum space optimized to their surroundings —and with a minimalistic design.

Millennial luxury homes will also need to be large enough for entertaining.

Inside there may be the main kitchen, as well as a second kitchenette to make dinner parties less cluttered.

Many home builders and architects can also build out extended butler’s pantries or add additional sculleries that provide more storage and cooking space.

Millennials want to experience a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors

Perhaps influenced by their “Flower Child” parents, Millennials have always displayed a sense of altruism towards their environments.

They also grew up in a period of time where they can easily remember life before technology, and life after — in vivid colour.

Not unlike their parents’ childhoods, Millennials can easily remember playing outdoors often and with neighborhood friends.

Further, with tech start-ups like Tesla and Apple becoming remarkable testaments to the digital transformation era, it makes sense why this generation cohort wants to bring a sense of holism and simplicity into their homes.

To incorporate nature in a luxurious way, builders and architects are adding contemporary features with accordion-style glass doors, as well as waist-high folding glass windows over kitchen counters, to blur the lines between inside and out.

In some ways, it makes sense why this “Instagram-reel-worthy” inspired generation has an eye for contemporary luxury home design — one that keeps eco-friendly sustainability features in mind.