The Trends that Will Influence Architecture in 2019

The Trends that Will Influence Architecture in 2019

Architecture and interior design trends are constantly evolving and ultimately becoming new again. Whenever we’re thinking about building a new home, interior design trends can give us an idea on what to expect for the future looking forward. For the creative and design-driven architects to the trendy homeowners who always stay ahead of the curve, here’s a list of the hottest trends paving the way to the future in architectural and interior design.

Architecture and interior design trend #1: Sustainability is in

Building for the future means more than just beyond our family lines. Building for the future means taking care of the ultimate and universal home we all share: Earth. At BRIKS Design-Build group, sustainability and environmental design isn’t a trend, but a moral decision we made as a company. From large corporations to everyday households, more and more people are recognizing the importance of minimizing their environmental footprints. Beyond just architecture and interior design trends, environmental sustainability has taken place at the forefront of consumers minds. In an urban planning situation, preserving water, soil, and other natural resources are at the forefront when designing cities. From a home building perspective, this means building with the best materials and team members possible. It’s about building structurally with durability and intention in mind.

Architecture and interior design trend #2: Inclusivity should be incorporated into design for everyone.

More and more architecture and interior design trends are also signalling a move towards building inclusivity into design. To give some context, in this article from Arch Daily: In 2018, the most searched concepts on the ArchDaily were, Accessibility (+108% YoY), Universal Design (+116%) and Inclusive Architecture (+132%). A representative from the article continues to share that most architectural design was for children and reduced mobility, compared to last year where more people were searching for Architecture for the Elderly (+78% YoY) and different capacities related to mental health and visual impairments (Architecture for the Blind +250% YoY).

Architecture and interior design trend #3: Technology is changing things

Technology is advancing how work is actually being done on construction sites. Further, not only has technology enabled construction workers to be more productive, but it’s also helping them to build faster, better and smarter. Here’s some more highlights from this direct excerpt of best technology trends in design-builds:

Architecture and interior design trend #4: Increase in speed and comfort

Consider the way in which technology has made everything else in our lives faster, more convenient and more comfortable. As a human-design trend, these concepts will extend to how we choose to live as a lifestyle too. From smart home technology and remote home security. To design and other systems or services. Technology has (for the most part), improved our lives. Hello, Alexa? Voice assistants are trending.

Architecture and interior design trend #5: Reuse & Recycle

More and more large organizations and municipalities as a whole are beginning to think about a circular economy which builds sustainability into design. In simple terms, a circular economy focuses on decreasing waste and making the most of our natural resources. This idea would help us to better design our cities and custom homes in the future. Complimenting the industrial-style well, recycled spaces are also becoming one of the most popular trends. In a home, envision a space that highlights raw, wooden, old barn doors in the Master bedroom or restored tractor equipment transformed into co-working desk spaces for budding entrepreneurs. As Arch Daily states: Recycling (+145% YoY) and Ecological Awareness (+103% YoY) have not been absent from the debate surrounding the industry with one of the largest carbon footprints in the worldConstruction. Faced with this concern, some architects have identified solutions within the Sustainable City (+165% YoY) systems that stop growing (Degrowth +208%) through renovation (+82% YoY) and rehabilitation (+68% YoY) of spaces, and through the design of Adaptive Re-Use Projects (+154% YoY). At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we partner with the best architectures in Ontario. Whether you’re just starting to build your dream home or renovate your current property, trends can be great predictive factors of where to invest your money and how to get the most bang for your buck.

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