Build Your Dream Home with BRIKS

Build Your Dream Home with BRIKS Design-Build Group

Finding your dream home in today’s real estate market isn’t easy. Instead, many home buyers are using design-build firms to start from the ground up.
A design-build firm offers the option to customize every detail to suit their clients needs.
With the ability to land desirable addresses in high-demand neighbourhoods, building your dream home has never been easier than it is today.
Whether you’re building or remodelling, the end result of developing your custom-designed home is a rewarding one. As long as you’re working with the best in the business.
Our offering at BRIKS Design-Build Group is one of distinct resonance and luxury.
Each of our projects include embodying our client’s vision and bringing it to life. Through decadent design-build solutions, we strategically build with functionality in mind.

Planning to Design-Build

As with anything, preparation is fundamental to successfully building your dream home.
Consider what’s important to you in a new home. Try to make a list that’s as detailed as possible and then organize it from “must-haves” to “nice-to-haves”.
It’s important to realize that you may not be able to achieve everything on your list. You must take into account budget restrictions, property constraints or site availability.
Making a list will help you to determine what’s a non-negotiable for you and your family.

Determining your Design-Build budget

Contact your financial institution to figure out how much money you have to work with.
Unless you’re paying cash, you might need to secure financing for a new construction loan. This pays for the builder, subcontractors and suppliers in stages.
With any budget, ensure that you leave room for other expenses such as appliances, furniture, and landscaping.
Experienced design-build firms will be able to assist you with mapping out what’s realistic from a monetary perspective and how much it’s going to cost you.
Once you’ve determined your budget, be prepared to stick to it. Or at the very least, allow for some buffer room to make additions.
As your dream home takes shape and you start to see it in real life, some home owners want to make changes or additions periodically.
BRIKS allows you to complete your design-build project within your pre-determined budget. Our commitment to you starts with safeguarding the completion of your beautiful new home.

Selecting your Design-Build location

Location is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to your new home.
You can always build a new home, but you can’t bring the address with you.
You’ll want to assess the property for the size of the house you want to build.
This will be particularly important if the area you want to build in has any zoning restrictions.
Often waterfront properties have to adhere to building height restrictions, maximum lot coverage and strict property lines.

Communicate your Design-Build expectations

When you’re working with a design-build firm, communicating your expectations with your builder is essential.
Ask yourself if you want to be heavily involved in the design process. On the flip side, you might want to work with a builder who can draw up different plans and take the lead with minimal direction.
You’ll want to get clear on the timeline, the scope of your budget and your expectations.

Drawing up your Design-Build

Once you’ve worked through the fundamentals of building your home — we get to the fun part.
Drawing from structural craftsmanship and made-to-order opulence, your custom build home has the chance to become luxe re-imagined.
While a design-build firm can create pretty much anything you envision, it’s your polished preference and personal taste masterfully balanced that will ultimately come to life.
Generally, there are three most popular home designs to consider.
Traditional homes are generally inspired by historic designs with vintage, classic fireplaces that add charm and character.
Modern homes are usually characterized by clean lines, open spaces complemented with contrasting textures such as raw oak paired against mixed metals and sheer glass.
Modern homes can offer a range of design options, often showcased with alluring palettes of brass, bronze or gilded gold to make a striking statement.
The modern-designed home is one that’s architecturally striking in its appearance, yet subtle in its design.
Contemporary homes are often designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. A contemporary home is trendy and fashionable while simultaneously novel and smart.
Matched with textural touches, raw timber and polished concrete finishes, contemporary homes can give an ultramodern feel.
When it comes to the design-build process, architects can help you strategically design your dream home while working within your budget.
Meanwhile, an effective builder is overseeing and executing the day-to-day operations.
Acting as two counterparts merging their areas of divine expertise, at BRIKS we build for your future.
While building your dream home doesn’t happen overnight, one thing is for sure: the wait will be well worth it.
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