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Why Sustainable Design Should Matter More than Ever to Toronto Custom Home Builders

Ready to be transported to your future custom home in Toronto?

Pristine marble tile in your front entranceway glints as you walk in the front door. It has a minimalistic design that feels calming in nature and serene almost immediately upon entering. Not only is your custom-built home in Toronto beautiful, it can actually improve your life too. That is, with the help of sustainable architecture design.

By partnering with the best design build firm in Toronto, at BRIKS Design-Build Group, we believe sustainable architecture design should matter more than ever to Toronto construction home builders, because it will shape the experience of homeownership in the future.

What is sustainable architecture?

Sustainability as a movement has been a hot-topic for discussion, especially in the custom home building industry. As a general concept, sustainable architecture essentially seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. It does this through energy efficient design, and moderation of its resources with reusable, regenerating materials, forms of energy, and development space within the general ecosystem at large.

In a nutshell, sustainable architecture cares about using resources and materials that don’t jeopardize the health of our world and can actually improve the health and experience of its occupants. As technology continues to move forward, it only makes sense to build sustainable design into the products that we source for the construction industry too.

Thanks to sustainable architectural design, we’re able to improve building efficiency and enable buildings to capture or generate their own energy in a self-sufficient way.

Technology Integrations in the Toronto Construction Industry

More than just bringing you trendy new builds integrated with technology, sustainable architecture will help the construction industry leverage technology to minimize waste and pollution too.

The buildings, communities and custom homes we build will be equipped with resources that simultaneously improve the lives of homeowners. The equipment that we use to build your custom home will run off of reusable energy and create minimal waste.

Urban Planning, Architecture & Sustainable Design

From entire cities overhauling their infrastructure to be more efficient to incorporating more energetic, sustainable design into custom home builds. In urban planning environments, architecture and custom home building are leveraging technology to place sustainable design at the crux of your experience.

When it comes to building the custom homes of the future, work with a Toronto custom home builder who cares about where materials are sourced, if there were local options available and if there was a more sustainable, efficient way of navigating the design process

Quality & Durability
When it comes to thinking about the quality and durability of sustainable home construction materials, a good custom home builder in Toronto should be able to provide you with material options that suit your budget. While it’s important that they’re ethically sourced, it also matters that they get the job done and effectively protect your house from the outside elements.

Durability will play a key factor here. For the most durable materials to consider for your new home, stick to brick, stone, recycled steel and concrete. While it’s often true that the more you’re willing to pay, the better-quality product you receive. There are also great cost-effective construction materials out there too. As we continue to build homes for the future, technology will produce more recyclable products and versions of these materials over time.

Insulation and ventilation remain critical for custom home building designs

Keep in mind, sustainable design has a lot to do with a building’s insulation, as well as other architectural design components too. You’ll want to install the best quality windows and ventilation systems you can buy that are energy efficient and effectively deliver on their claims.

You also want to select the products used in your custom-built home that have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions rating to support this environmental efficiency design. The right architect firm in Toronto will be able to consult you on more energetic design options. There’s no denying that sustainable architecture and design is important to both the custom home building industry and the future generation of homeowners.

Reducing our carbon footprint will continue to become a bigger conversation across all industries. Especially when it comes to Toronto construction firms and custom home builders in Toronto, at BRIKS Design-Build Group we’re on a mission to build your custom home completely tailored to your wants and needs. With the help of technology and accessible education, it doesn’t make sense for us not to build efficiency and environmental mindfulness into the products we use to build our homes. Quite simply, it’s just the right thing to do.

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