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BRIKS Design-Build Group is a leading Oakville based Boutique Design-Build and Construction Management firm offering unparalleled General Contracting services to our Clients for all types of Residential and Commercial projects. BRIKS Design-General Contractors Oakville is a full-service Design-Build Firm, specializing in Architectural Design & Permits, New Build Construction, Custom Luxury Homes, Major Renovations & Additions, Remodeling, and Interior Design. Our Commercial division caters to clients in the Hospitality, Retail Boutiques, Automotive, Healthcare, Institutional, and Office market segments.

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More and more custom home designs by builders in Oakville are showcasing various interior paint shades that add impact and style. Oakville home builders are certainly ample examples for architecture and custom home design inspiration in this local harbourfront retreat. We have the best general contractors in Oakville for any major renovation you may have.

Contrasting trim

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However, the coastal waterfront town of Oakville allows homeowners to showcase style and singularity through unique custom home builds and interior design. Whether it’s for inspiration on your next home renovation or some inspiration for a completely new build, here are the top interior design paint color ideas for custom home designs in Oakville.

Where’s the Best Neighborhood to Build a Custom Home in the GTA?

As one of the best design-build firms Oakville, there’s no wonder that Oakville serves as a coveted suburb. Sitting slightly on the outskirts of Toronto, Oakville is well-known for its affluent neighbors and grandiose properties.

Here’s Why Custom Homes in Oakville Are the Places to be…

A luxury haven for those that want extravagance in quiet suburbia, custom home in Oakville, Ontario are known to build lavish palatial properties that keep the town talking. Centralized at the core of the waterfront, Oakville custom homes attract luxe architecture with the price tag to match. After a quick drive along its lakeshore, builders in Oakville will have some fierce architecture inspiration to fuel their fire.

Let’s just say, Oakville home builders know how to make a statement. Which is why this sought-after town has become so synonymous with luxury and exorbitance in the best way possible. With that said, luxury is nothing without cultivating leisure. Which is why building a custom home in Oakville brings both, with an array of local boutiques and fine-dining to choose from.

Let’s Start With the ‘Pantone’ Colour of the Year.

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute announces its annual “Color of the Year”. For 2019, Pantone’s ‘Living Coral’ cut — a bright and vibrant hue that “energizes and enlivens,” while accurately representing the sensitivity and delicacy of our marine life and oceans too. Bright shades and hues take their inspirations from sunny European coastal cities that are strategically placed along the Adriatic coast for prime oceanic viewing. While it’s not news that color reports from Pantone and other design firms very much inspire custom home builders in Oakville -several other design-related professions do too. From interior designers and architects to artists and fashion icons

dark exterior paint

Here Are Some Interior Design Paint Color Ideas For Your Custom Designed Home.

A few things to think about before setting on a search for interior design paint color ideas is the essence of your property and personal style. Remember, whenever you’re looking for the right interior paint color of your home, you’ll want to think about its permanence and durability as well as aesthetic and beauty. Considering the location of your home, you’ll also want to take into account light, architecture, scale and environment. Paint colors can often take on completely different undertones and hues this way.

Finally, consider selecting the interior paint color of your home with other color pairings and palettes that will complement the texture, tone, and style of materials used to finish your property. At BRIKS Design-Build Group we can create a completely custom finish for your home that blends in as a classic beauty or stands out to make an impact.

Tumeric’ is going to a “major trend”

With its earthy brownish-hue and mustard undertones mixed with terracotta. Turmeric is being dubbed as the next color trend of the moment, according to Architectural Digest. Create drama with gold and brass hardware on the front door to play up its Tuscan-sun base. Paint in a semi-gloss royal blue or deep forest green. As for materials, Tumeric as an interior paint color would look great done in stucco or panel-siding.

Deep Navy Blue is cool and collected

Inspired by old-world colonial architecture, try painting the interior in deep navy blue or using as an accent color on shutters. Pair against striking architectural white pillars to complete the American-heritage legacy feel. Finish in white-washed oak wood for the front door, or paint in a high-gloss mahogany red. The combination adds character, contrast, and charm.

Natural whites bring bright minimalism

Simple and clean with natural whites are inspired by the English countryside and European styles. To add contrast, paint your trim in a dark patina-grey, blackened forest green or deep navy blue.

Terracotta is rich and stunning

Taken from its organic color palette, a rich Mediterranean-inspired Terracotta adds a punch of color and fuses inspiration from its sun-drenched cities on a hot summer’s day. Add high-contrast with a bright, pure white trim and shutters. 


Olive is Alm and Serene

Olive gives an unexpected sense of serenity and blends beautifully with meaningful landscaping.  With its natural earthy hue, interior paint colors for custom home designs in Oakville make olive green a showstopping paint selection. Olive adds punch and pizzazz to the interior of your home in a grounding, elemental way.

Light Caramel Tan feels warm and organic

When in doubt go with a light caramel tan. Pair against a limewash stone for uber opulence. Depending on the depth of shade, a slightly toasted biscuit tan also pairs fabulously with patina-olive shutters and bright white trim.  For more of a coastal feel, accent the interior paint color of tan with a semi-gloss cobalt blue.​


Remember, If You’re Not Sure Which Color to Paint the Interior of Your Home.

Painting the interior of your home can feel like a commitment. Things can be changed. Remember, as long as you’re working with the best design-build group in Oakville, and the right architecture partner — BRIKS Design-General Contractor Oakville will be able to make the home of your dreams come true. If you were looking for a sign, this is it.