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As a showstopper neighborhood, there’s no guessing as to why Burlington home builders have grown exponentially all across Burlington, Ontario. With happening neighborhoods and trendy, cute downtown streets, the Burlington waterside makes for an attractive place to build a Burlington home renovation

. From attracting beautiful architects to design hot-spot locations, and the latest in urban building design, Burlington home builders are appealing to both the younger Millennial generation — and those who want to live at a more leisurely pace too. Families big and small along with ambitious solo entrepreneurs are calling Burlington a suburban haven — with all the perks included. Stretching from both sides of its borders, Custom home builders Burlington Ontario can take inspiration from lakeside to suburban, with a variety of amenities nearby. You’ll find fantastic dining enjoyed in quaint, lakefront restaurants and cafés, great parks with local elementary schools, and community centers in the surrounding area. Lastly, (it’s prized possession), a sprawling waterfront boardwalk acting as the main attraction for locals. With restaurants and shopping conveniently placed in prime-location, building a custom-designed home in Burlington practically feels like a no-brainer.Here are some top architectural ideas to consider if you’re looking to design the custom home of your dreams.

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Nautical-Themed Decor

Taking inspiration from its waterfront perch, there’s a fluidity to consider when designing your home in a way that merges well with its environment. For building a custom home in Burlington, it would be easy to conclude that nautical-themed décor fits in well here.Nautical-themed décor is easily explained by its traditionally-recognized blue-and-white stripes and seaside touches that feel coastal and salty. In true nautical-themed décor custom-home style, envision sharp linear lines and stone covered doorways with natural wood accents. Either through adding décor elements or building it into the actual architectural design. You can create a stunning entranceway with different stones, stucco or paneled-siding.The front entrance of your home will be a lakeside drive-by favorite. With oak-wood doors — done in a custom-made finish of your choosing.There’s no denying that nautical-themed décor can add serious curb appeal.


Grecian Mediterranean-style Décor for Landscaping and Interior Design

Another top architectural idea for your home is taken from paradise-like postcards. Inspired by Grecian-style home design, paint the exterior of your home in natural stucco shades or deep navy-blue wood paneling. To take it even further, make a statement with thick-white themed Mediterranean-style pillars and dramatic entryways.You can also build your custom home with Grecian-style landscaping using lush greenery and stone-covered potter plants. In its simplistic, modern-looking fashion and smooth minimalistic design — the Greeks knew how to create some beautiful architecture.At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we can take architecture and custom home design and create something that feels inspired by a photo out of a travel magazine sailing the beauty of Greek seasides.


Minimalism Custom Home Design Style is hot for 2019

Speaking of simple minimalistic home design. More and more Custom home builders in Burlington, Ontario are also bringing added modernization to the quaint waterfront town.Minimalistic architecture design generally feels calming with its uncluttered nature. Clean, simple and open airy spaces merge well between the indoors and outdoors and can be incorporated in both the interior and exterior of your home. From painting your house in neutral color schemes to incorporating sleek structural designs into a custom-made kitchen. Very much influenced by Japanese culture and philosophies, minimalistic architecture is calming and tranquil.

living room

Custom Homes Burlington: Add Drama with Darker Shades

Custom home builder burlington Ontario has been doing great work with all of the beautiful homes being built in Burlington, Ontario — perhaps your style is a bit punchier rather than calm and simple. With Architectural Digest stating ‘Turmeric Is the Next Big Color Trend’, you can incorporate different shades of depth that reflect your family and neighborhoods personal taste and style. Earthy hues generally always look great on the exterior of your home, but they also bring a great sense of grounding on the inside too.Whether you opt for a cool or a warm color palette, adding darker shades create contrasts.

So, Which Top Architectural Trend Should You Choose?

If you’re unsure of which top architectural trend to select, BRIKS Design-Build Group comes equipped with suggestions too. Don’t forget that all of these architectural design ideas easily be created for a new home construction Burlington Ontario are awesome and they can also be used for inspiration in your next home renovations burlington too.Remember, complete home renovations in the Burlington area don’t have to break the bank either. 

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