Residential renovations in Oakville: What are the benefits?

Residential renovations in Oakville: What are the benefits?

Whether you are looking to transform your house to put it on the market, or simply want to enhance your living environment and the aesthetic of the space where you spend the majority of your time, a partial or complete home renovation boasts an array of short term and long term benefits for homeowners. If you are looking into doing a residential renovation in your Oakville home, but you are wondering what benefits and advantages will come with it, then you have come to the right place. At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we make it our mission to provide our values clients with high-quality design and construction services for their current homes, or to build their next dream homes! There are many benefits that can be experienced with residential renovation in the Oakville area. In this blog by BRIKS Design-Build Group, we share some information about a few of these benefits. Read on!

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Residential renovations can increase the value of your Oakville home 

From a fresh coat of paint to new fixtures and appliance upgrades, renovating for a profit is certainly doable with the help of industry professionals at BRIKS Design-Build Group. If you are trying to sell your Oakville home and you are looking to get top dollar in return, then a renovation, or renovations, to update the look can bring in the bacon! If you don’t have the funds or time to complete a full home renovation, don’t underestimate the power of focusing on a few key rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Whether your home is vintage and quirky or just slightly outdated and run down, simple retouches can drastically improve the perceived value for years to come. With the BRIKS team on your side, our designers and contractors can formulate a plan of attack for your residential renovation Oakville to get you the highest return when you put your home on the market.

Residential renovations allow you to customize your Oakville home

Do you live in an older home? Are the rooms in your home outdated and could use a modern facelift? These are just a few of the reasons why some people choose to do a residential renovation. There is nothing quite like being able to customize your own personal space, and with a residential renovation in your Oakville home, you can do just that. A home renovation allows you to create a living place that reflects your own personal style. A fresh coat of paint, a new landscape, or even just a new gate can give visitors a strong impression of the homeowner’s style and taste.

Maximize the space in your home with residential renovations

Are you noticing that your Oakville home is becoming cramped and what space you thought you had is diminishing quickly as your family or belongings grow? A residential renovation in your Oakville home can create a new space that you never thought you could achieve. Blow out a wall or two or even throw on another whole addition to your Oakville home. Doing this can add additional square footage to your home and can tie into the previously mentioned increased home value point.

A residential renovation can be a great alternative to moving entirely

Let’s face it, moving sucks. Moving is stressful, time-consuming, and can be costly to boot. If you are considering moving because your family is growing and you need more space, a residential renovation in Oakville could be a great alternative. Why pick up and move and spend all that money when you simply don’t have to. It may simply take the vision of a construction professional form BRIKS Design-Build Group to show you things in your home that you have never seen for yourself. Maybe you just didn’t see that you can blow out a few walls, extend rooms, or build an addition onto your home to create more living space. 

When you get tired of a home, your first instinct is to pack up and move, right? With residential renovations in Oakville, you get to recreate the space as extensively or minimally as you want to design your dream layout and design, allowing you to save the hundreds of thousands it would’ve cost you to relocate to a new home.

Homeowners can increase energy efficiency and decrease energy bills

We bet you didn’t realize that this was a possibility. Doing a residential renovation in your Oakville home can actually save you money and help the environment, its a win-win! When you opt to do a renovation on let’s say, your kitchen, you can choose to put in more energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Simply upgrading your plumbing and fixtures alone can make a world of difference, not to mention even greater long term savings should you choose to opt for the green, eco-friendly options. Despite the initial expense, it’ll pay off in the long run! 

There are many benefits of residential renovations in Oakville. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should do a renovation or move entirely, then we encourage you to continue browsing through our BRIKS Design-Build Group website. Speak with a representative from our team and become familiar with how we do residential renovations and construction services. 

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