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6 Things Successful Architect Designers & Oakville Custom Home Builders Always Do

Successful architect designers and custom home builders in Oakville have developed a strong reputation for the lavish, palatial properties designed along the waterfront and coveted suburban neighborhood communities that sell out fast.If you’re looking to start building your new custom home in Oakville or inject fresh design through a complete home renovation Oakville, look no further.At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we partner with some of the best architect firms in Oakville to bring your dream home to life.Here are six things successful architects and Oakville custom home builders always do.

They reimagine how things are done

“Wouldn’t it be cool if?”

Architects and custom home builders in Oakville work in the realm of the ‘yet-to-be-expressed’. Through both their technical and practical studies, they can easily envision a design concept for a space and quickly identify the areas that could be improved or reimagined.

It’s not that they always look at the world with a lens of improvement, unwilling to acknowledge the already present perfection. However, when it comes to building your custom home in Oakville, BRIKS Design-Build Group can take a complete home renovation or brand-new custom design-build and create pretty much anything you can imagine.

Some call it “breaking the rules”, but architects call it, “looking for opportunities to improve how things are currently done.” Just because it’s never been done before doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Said another way, successful architects “colour outside of the lines,” in the sense that they’re not afraid to explore new ideas and deliver a final concept to a client that’s brought their vision to life beyond their wildest dreams.

They know how to tell great stories

As with all great stories, the design process starts with a spark of intention. In architecture, this can range from wanting a space “to have lots of natural light,” or to preserve a unique historical feature and build it into the structure of the home.Creating a story for a space will inform the fluidity of the design, while ensuring lot size and other constructional considerations are taken into account.

A good construction firm in Oakville should be able to easily refine the architects design concept and express it through functional design.You see, every space has a story.Whether you’re ready to build on fresh, untouched soil or you’re looking to do a complete renovation of your home in Oakville, at BRIKS Design-Build Group we can make it happen.

They’re good at foreseeing potential problems

When you look for new ways of doing things, you also get pretty good at spotting potential problems. This helps tremendously throughout the construction process.Architects provide fantastic oversight to any potential structural problems with a solutions-based mindset.

Together, and partnered with one of the best design-build firms in Oakville, we help architects construct their design concepts that stretch boundaries, make an impact and encapsulate the essence of art into the foundation of your custom-home.

They understand the power of simplicity

Architectural design for custom home builds in Oakville is all about unique expression.While there’s a number of different design styles from modern and contemporary, to traditional or minimalistic, almost all architects seem to inherently understand the power of simplicity.

Minimalism in architecture is often described as, exposing the beauty of something by removing the distractions around it.In any area, but especially architecture, complexity in design feels overwhelming and chaotic.A good design-build firm partnered with the right architectural partner understands how to remove complexities from any one situation. At BRIKS Design-Build Group, we make it simple.When a space feels simple, its function is clear, and its purpose is immediate.

They establish order, structure and solidarity through detailed design

Order established through both structural design and interior décor, provides a sense of solidarity to a space. This can be expressed through both small and large details in both décor and design. Keep in mind that order and solidarity in a space requires you to identify a singular focus element to the space and allow all other design features to defer to it.Remember, a good design-build firm in Oakville understands the importance of details.After all, it’s the details that makeup our overall experience of things.

They build for all the senses

Architects are trained to build with all of the human senses in mind.Beyond just light and contrast, when a space can actually emit an experience that’s amplified by both touch, sound, taste and sight – that’s something else entirely.A good design-build firm in Oakville can foresee other sensory experiences that could either positively or negatively arise from a space or home.

In construction, this can also take place during lot selection. From the peaceful and serene lakefront sound of crashing waves or repositioning your property to be a facing-front custom home nearby a sweet-smelling cedar tree.This is just one example to approaching the design of your custom build home Oakville with sensory experiences in mind.

Building a Custom Home in Oakville

Building a custom-home in Oakville, Ontario is a luxury waterfront haven for a reason.Homes in Oakville can appreciate quickly in value because of its central location and prestigious communities.From its quaint waterfront downtown filled with boutiques and fine dining. To mega-mansions will celebrity neighbors or comfortable and central suburban neighborhoods.It’s a hot spot location to build your custom home new build. The Town of Oakville, Ontario has something for everyone.

With parks, community centres, public and private schools, it’s a great place to build for the future in your new custom-home.When you work with BRIKS Design-Build Group, you can rest assured that you’re working with one of the best custom home builders in Oakville.Build your custom home in Oakville with BRIKS Design-Build Group.

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