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Best Kitchen Countertop Materials to Use in Toronto Custom Home Builds

When it comes to your Toronto custom home build, the material you select for your kitchen countertops can lend itself to both functionality as well as overall style – based on your choice. Whether you need something that’s easy to clean or prefer a bit more texture and durability to hide scuffs and scratches, here are some of the best kitchen countertop materials to use in your Toronto custom home build.

 Dark & Dramatic

Moody and brooding, dark countertops can add high contrast in modern and contemporary kitchen designs. Used strategically with a high-gloss marbled finish or matte and grainy with an espresso wood stain, dark and dramatic countertops can be attention grabbing, and help you to connect with other black or dark elements you want to highlight in the space.

For a trendier and more urban look, have a tinted rose gold kitchen backsplash or a smoky, distressed mirror installed that feels cosmopolitan and chic in your modern custom Toronto home. To offset the intensity, dark countertops can range from a pewter grey to smoldering charcoal. Dark greys are usually selected over the blackest onyx to soften the space slightly.

Marble & Quartz

For stones of the highest quality like Carara marble, the more heavily-veined the stone is, the more it can add an uber-dramatic effect. This also means, the more dramatic the veining throughout the stone, marble or quartz, the more opportunities to simplify the design concept elsewhere.

You might only want to use these uber-luxe materials as a focal point on the kitchen island, rather than all kitchen countertops throughout. This offsets the drama and can add some textural contrast too. When it comes to the selection process of working with the best design build firm in Toronto, you’ll want to select your material strategically.

Pair with light-oak timber floors and a natural stone or ceramic backsplash. Add a vintage statement with molten gold accents, details and pendant lighting to bring back an organic warmth of earthly hues and faded ambiance. Marble and Quartz as a kitchen countertop feels luxurious and decadent in nature.

When using this material in your kitchen countertop design, you can create a myriad of different home aesthetic and styles. From contemporary modern custom to luxe rustic farmhouse, marble and quartz are great kitchen countertop design examples to consider for your Toronto custom-built home.

Pure White

 Light and airy, a bright white organic colour palette immediately feels warm and inviting. As if a faint breeze of freshly washed linens are always blowing in the wind somewhere nearby, a pure white kitchen feels calm and serene. If you love a crisp modern style that you want to maximize space on, go with a pure white kitchen countertop style for your custom home build in Toronto.

As many design experts know, bringing light, white elements into a space can make it appear larger. Pure white kitchen countertops can also be great for functional purposes if you select a high-gloss lacquered finish. Easy to clean from spills and messes due to its non-porous nature.

White and blue nautical

Pure white can also be very nautical if you’re looking to bring in the lakeside Toronto style. Choose a nautical white-and-blue kitchen colour palette. Paint the centre island in a robust and proud bright cobalt blue or be electrifying in a deep navy hue. The high contrast of pure white countertops (in any type of stone selection), can be striking against the right colour scheme.


 Used strategically, a light-washed grainy wood or red-toned grey mixed with ashy details can add incredible charm and character to a unique kitchen design in Toronto. When thinking about your custom build home in Toronto, wood has an inviting, natural richness that adds a holistic element to a space. In a sharp white kitchen, wood can act as a fantastic texture to bring a sense of homeliness into the kitchen design of your custom home project.

Additionally, wood can also be a great design balance between both more traditional and contemporary, minimalistic cultural styles. From a deep espresso wood to a white oak timber, the stain and finish of your wood countertop selection can add contrast or rawness to the space. In many cases, wood can be used as a focal point of the kitchen design process if it’s used sparingly on only the centre island.

 Shades of Cream

Natural kitchen design ideas are among some of the most popular for a reason. From the creamy oatmeal European stones that give a lightly-toasted shadow to a kitchen, to the more midtone patina-grey stones with high flecks and veining. Shade of cream and adding a beige, yellow undertone kitchen countertop can give off a warm and welcoming feel.


Choose a midtone or grey kitchen countertop for a sharp futuristic or direct, masculine minimalism feel. For an industrial vibe, take a dark or light grey colour scheme with softly flecked stones or a material that resembles concrete. Play off of other raw materials such as brick, exposed ventilation and recycled steel. Natural stone shades like creams and midtone greys can be great to offset the intensity of other areas that are higher in contrast.

Use in an all-white kitchen to soften and add fluidity complemented against striking metallic accents or brushed brass hardware. Ultimately, a good design build firm in Toronto will be able to best advise you on design concepts when you’re ready.

From complete home renovations to new custom home builds in Toronto, at BRIKS Design-Build Group, we take in a number of considerations to make your dream kitchen come to life. When designing your custom dream home in Toronto, at BRIKS Design-Build Group, we’ll make sure that your kitchen is a showstopper.

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