Build Your Dream House with BRIKS Design-Build Group

Whether you want to build a new home or renovate your old one, both jobs require a lot of hard work as well as lots of capital. So do not think of this process as just building a set of “2 bathrooms and 3 rooms”. Your home shows what you are as a person as it is considerably one of the best impressions you can put over a person if the house is built with love and dedication.

Whenever you go for a trip you always do your homework right and do all the research prior to your trip to avoid any mishaps in future. Likewise, you would want to bring up the best possible plan to build your dream house instead of initiating carelessly.  Below are some of the prerequisites that will prove to come in handy while building your dream house with BRIKS Design-Build group:

Set Your Goals

Building a home is all about setting goals. You should be clear about what you want to achieve before the construction starts. Numerous questions arise at this time and you should be able to answer them all to give life to your house that you are planning on to build. These questions include;

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Where should your house be located?
  • What’s the budget required to fulfill your demands?
  • Is there a plan B if plan A fails?

If you have answers to all these questions then congratulations! You are all set to move ahead.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget should already be in your list of goals but due to its importance we have mentioned it separately. For obvious reasons, having a fancy house sounds pleasing and everybody wants it but this does not mean that you oversee the amount of money you can afford to spend.

Initially, you would want to make an overall list of the things that are required to build a house. These include things like the cost of land, cost of construction material, cost of engineering and designing and most importantly the fittings and furniture you want to put in your house. As a piece of advice it is always suggested to use a program like Excel to maintain a list of expenditure as you can also edit it in case of any changes in plan or cost. BRIKS allows you to complete your project in your decided budget so you don’t run out of cash without completing your construction.

Find a Suitable Location

Location is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your house. It decides how you want to live and which area you choose to live. You might want your house to be near a sea so you can get an oceanic view from your window. Or you might want to live in middle of dense vegetation. All this is possible if your pockets can support it. Anyway, you need to find the best possible location according to your budget. There are some features that you should lookout for in your desired location like;

  • ease of access,
  • Availability of services like grocery shops and hospitals etc.
  • type of people in your neighborhood

Finding the Right Team

We would suggest you to collect a team of highly experienced proffesionals as it practically is the right choice. We all know that building a new home can possibly be once in a lifetime investment which is obviously huge in sum so it is better to entrust your investment to an experienced company like BRIKS design-build group.

A builder and an architect are the most important ones to have on your team. Architects would help you in the interior and exterior designing of your home on a budget. On the other hand the builder will carry out all the operations on his responsibility and give shape to your dream house. Likewise, the job of an engineer is also crucial and this is because without him the structural calculations cannot be carried out. So why worry more? Let BRIKS accompany you as you embark on a journey of creating your hard-earned house.


Net-Zero Dream

About Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete form is basically reinforced concrete which provides high amounts of heat insulation. This insulation is permanent and provides insulation to floors, walls and roofs. These forms are interlocked units which are stacked in a dry manner further filled with concrete for added insulation. These units form the foundation of walls or floor present in a building. You can get the idea of it by thinking of Lego blocks because these two are very similar. Constructions which include ICF are on a rise in both commercial and residential sector. Moreover, they are resistant to majority of the natural disasters. Stick to BONE Structure to cater all your insulation needs for a house.


Net Zero Homes And Its Benefits

In the modern eranetzerohousing has come into vogue. The European Union aims to have net zero homes across Europe by 2020. But what is actually meant by netzerohomes and is it worth all the hype?

A net zero home is referred to a house where the total amount of energy consumed is equal to or less than the amount of energy used up by the entire house over the course of a year. The generation of energy is by means of renewable resources like sunlight, wind etc. Below are some of the perks of living in a net zero house;

  • Tax Incentives:

            In many countries government support and encourage the building of net zero houses for reasons like        zero wastage, eco friendly production etc. In order to do so governments have severalcut downs on annual taxes if you have a certified energy production method. You can get as much as 30% cut off on your taxes.

  • Exceptional Insulation:

          Net zero homes are based on top quality insulation. This means that such homes have lesser heat gain during hot season and likewise lesser heat loss during cold season. You are also saved from paying bucks spent on heating and cooling appliances.

  • Energy Bills:

          Once you embark on the journey of net zero homes you save loads of money for yourself on a longer run. Imagine getting electricity without having the need to pay for the bills. This has been made possible through such homes.

  • Eco-friendly:

         The emission of greenhouses gases through netzero homes is dramatically lesser as compared to traditional homes. This means you have a sense of responsibility for your surroundings. Moreover, some countries even give awards to its citizens based on their eco-friendly initiative.

Join hands now with BONE Structure to get your home turned into a complete net zero house.


BONE Structure:

Innovation has always been a part of the construction sector. Different companies come up with a variety of  solutions to cope up with the increasing demands of people from their houses. You can find a number of new ways to construct your home but these days bone structure takes the lead by proving to be the famous and effective one of them all. The technology of bone structure is a combination of post and beam structure with an energy efficient solution. Bone structure houses are already net zero ready because they use the same technology and framework as a net zero house. Broke.ca proudly claims to be the leader in this field by providing the customers with the best net zero houses and home structure for their homes so that they don’t just have a pleasant experience but also save a lot of money for themselves on a long run.