BRIKS Joint-Ventures and Investors

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. ~ Robert Frost

Success Is Where Opportunity Meets Preparation.~ Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Our constant objective for our Partners in a Joint-Venture is to minimize risks and maximize returns, with the most knowledge based on historic and current events and trends, while conservatively predicting how the market will react in the future.

There is no one right way to structure a JV. Over time we have discovered that there are multiple ways to participate in a Real Estate Joint Venture that is the most fair for our Partners and Us, given what each party is bringing to the table. Almost all our Partners and Investors are successful business owners and/or highly accredited professionals in their respective fields. They are seeking for a higher-performing and yielding platform that is not available to them elsewhere, for their current investments

We can reasonably suggest our Partners are going to earn a 10-15% per-annum return on their secured Capital in a silent position, without putting in any effort.

For pre-screened and selected projects, We look to our pool of Partners and Investors to put in 100% of the initial Investment Capital, in exchange for 50% of the Net proceeds and Profits, from the final exit from the Development project. With transparency being one our driving objectives, our Partners always have a totally registered and secured ownership position, in the underlying development Asset, and throughout the development process. When we develop and sell the underlying asset, our Partners initial Investment is repaid first, followed by any Capital we have invested. We then split the proceeds on an equal partnership basis.

Our knowledge and experience, with existing Industry partners has made us experts in our field. And our past and proven track record of successful and profitable exits from Developments projects in Toronto and surrounding areas, has earned us a reputation of Trust and Credibility.

This is what separates us, from any of our Competition in the Industry.

We bring our preparation, expertise and Market knowledge to the table. And translate this Opportunity for a successful Joint-Venture with Us.

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