Build Your Dream House with BRIKS Design-Build Group

Whether you want to build a new home or renovate your old one, both jobs require a lot of hard work as well as lots of capital. So do not think of this process as just building a set of “2 bathrooms and 3 rooms”. Your home shows what you are as a person as it is considerably one of the best impressions you can put over a person if the house is built with love and dedication.

Whenever you go for a trip you always do your homework right and do all the research prior to your trip to avoid any mishaps in future. Likewise, you would want to bring up the best possible plan to build your dream house instead of initiating carelessly.  Below are some of the prerequisites that will prove to come in handy while building your dream house with BRIKS Design-Build group:

Set Your Goals

Building a home is all about setting goals. You should be clear about what you want to achieve before the construction starts. Numerous questions arise at this time and you should be able to answer them all to give life to your house that you are planning on to build. These questions include;

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Where should your house be located?
  • What’s the budget required to fulfill your demands?
  • Is there a plan B if plan A fails?

If you have answers to all these questions then congratulations! You are all set to move ahead.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget should already be in your list of goals but due to its importance we have mentioned it separately. For obvious reasons, having a fancy house sounds pleasing and everybody wants it but this does not mean that you oversee the amount of money you can afford to spend.

Initially, you would want to make an overall list of the things that are required to build a house. These include things like the cost of land, cost of construction material, cost of engineering and designing and most importantly the fittings and furniture you want to put in your house. As a piece of advice it is always suggested to use a program like Excel to maintain a list of expenditure as you can also edit it in case of any changes in plan or cost. BRIKS allows you to complete your project in your decided budget so you don’t run out of cash without completing your construction.

Find a Suitable Location

Location is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your house. It decides how you want to live and which area you choose to live. You might want your house to be near a sea so you can get an oceanic view from your window. Or you might want to live in middle of dense vegetation. All this is possible if your pockets can support it. Anyway, you need to find the best possible location according to your budget. There are some features that you should lookout for in your desired location like;

  • ease of access,
  • Availability of services like grocery shops and hospitals etc.
  • type of people in your neighborhood

Finding the Right Team

We would suggest you to collect a team of highly experienced proffesionals as it practically is the right choice. We all know that building a new home can possibly be once in a lifetime investment which is obviously huge in sum so it is better to entrust your investment to an experienced company like BRIKS design-build group.

A builder and an architect are the most important ones to have on your team. Architects would help you in the interior and exterior designing of your home on a budget. On the other hand the builder will carry out all the operations on his responsibility and give shape to your dream house. Likewise, the job of an engineer is also crucial and this is because without him the structural calculations cannot be carried out. So why worry more? Let BRIKS accompany you as you embark on a journey of creating your hard-earned house.

Net-Zero Dream

About Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete form is basically reinforced concrete which provides high amounts of heat insulation. This insulation is permanent and provides insulation to floors, walls and roofs. These forms are interlocked units which are stacked in a dry manner further filled with concrete for added insulation. These units form the foundation of walls or floor present in a building. You can get the idea of it by thinking of Lego blocks because these two are very similar. Constructions which include ICF are on a rise in both commercial and residential sector. Moreover, they are resistant to majority of the natural disasters. Stick to BONE Structure to cater all your insulation needs for a house.


Net Zero Homes And Its Benefits

In the modern eranetzerohousing has come into vogue. The European Union aims to have net zero homes across Europe by 2020. But what is actually meant by netzerohomes and is it worth all the hype?

A net zero home is referred to a house where the total amount of energy consumed is equal to or less than the amount of energy used up by the entire house over the course of a year. The generation of energy is by means of renewable resources like sunlight, wind etc. Below are some of the perks of living in a net zero house;

  • Tax Incentives:

            In many countries government support and encourage the building of net zero houses for reasons like        zero wastage, eco friendly production etc. In order to do so governments have severalcut downs on annual taxes if you have a certified energy production method. You can get as much as 30% cut off on your taxes.

  • Exceptional Insulation:

          Net zero homes are based on top quality insulation. This means that such homes have lesser heat gain during hot season and likewise lesser heat loss during cold season. You are also saved from paying bucks spent on heating and cooling appliances.

  • Energy Bills:

          Once you embark on the journey of net zero homes you save loads of money for yourself on a longer run. Imagine getting electricity without having the need to pay for the bills. This has been made possible through such homes.

  • Eco-friendly:

         The emission of greenhouses gases through netzero homes is dramatically lesser as compared to traditional homes. This means you have a sense of responsibility for your surroundings. Moreover, some countries even give awards to its citizens based on their eco-friendly initiative.

Join hands now with BONE Structure to get your home turned into a complete net zero house.


BONE Structure:

Innovation has always been a part of the construction sector. Different companies come up with a variety of  solutions to cope up with the increasing demands of people from their houses. You can find a number of new ways to construct your home but these days bone structure takes the lead by proving to be the famous and effective one of them all. The technology of bone structure is a combination of post and beam structure with an energy efficient solution. Bone structure houses are already net zero ready because they use the same technology and framework as a net zero house. proudly claims to be the leader in this field by providing the customers with the best net zero houses and home structure for their homes so that they don’t just have a pleasant experience but also save a lot of money for themselves on a long run.

Why Good Design For Your House Matters In Toronto?

Every individual has his own way of living and methods to lead their life a certain way, but majority have one thing in common like the essentials that are a must. A house you build with love and affection where you plan safe living. Living in certain state calls in for some design boundaries to be followed. Canadian housing styles keep certain things in mind. The design aesthetic, its sophistication may vary according to the preference but overall everyone will agree to the requisite of designing his or her house. Why does it become so necessary and is it really so important to design the space you live it.

Surely the answer is backed by science that the environment you are within effects you directly and the place we spend most of our time or where we feel safe and relax i.e. our house is one important place that is to be designed with care. Design of your house maybe in two forms to equally give you the comfort, one being the constructive part of it and other the interior and decorative designing both are equally important.Ever wondered why designing home is so important? Can you live in the messy uncomfortable environment? With that said there is many reasons that make it imperative to deign your home right. Lets look at the few reasons why:


House is one place you want to feel cozy and comfortable within. A well-designed house will give you peace and comfort. We buy house for our comfort but if that even is disturbed due to some mismanagement it makes living difficult. Thus the good design matters a lot in ones life.

Lifts Your Mood:

As colors around you play a part in lifting your mood so does the whole design. A place well managed and designed well lifts up your mood and relaxes you. Thus incorporating bright colors more lights in your surrounding can have a positive impact on you overall. In the cold days, which are most of the times if you live in Toronto, the house shall be designed such that it gives much cozy and relaxing feeling.

Depicts Who You Are:

In this particular aspect of design the famous line goes wrong, which says never judge a book by its cover. A house well designed is a mirror to your personality. Any guests walking into a messed up house or a well designed house will certainly get the idea of how you look up to life and the kind of person you unless you are a Santa clause living in north pole not expecting any guest visits or you are from another planet you will surely be getting some guests over and to leave a good impression on your peers or social group it is essential to finely design your home.

Easy Movement:

Anything well organized and in place makes it easy to approach. An unmanaged place with things not in place will take your time and efforts both thus to make your life much simpler it is best to design your house well that allows easy movement.

Completes Your Need:

A well-designed and organized house will keep in mind the needs of residents living. Whether you want a fresh looking garden more greens or a porch all is included in a well-designed place. If you happen to have a smaller space it call in for the need of design that makes it more comforting and spacious to live within with the help of design


Home is one place where a man goes to relax after a long hectic day but if that place is eye cluttering and not well designed it troubles you and doesn’t seem any peaceful. A well-designed place is important to keep one happy and relaxed.


Over time anything can devalue or can gain its value depending on the demand. A well-made place will always be in demand thus if you invest in it now it will be wise to keep your place well managed and keep it primed for it to not lose its value overtime.

Home organization is not just limited to revamping the interior but the whole design matters. Working on the betterment of design every now and then keeps the design looking fresh and this is directly proportional in bringing positivity in our life. You don’t buy house every day thus working on the design once professionally to give you comfort and ease is worth it.

Many companies like Briks Construction that is based in Canada hold the expertise in helping one design their ideal house, keeping in mind the construction barriers set by the government and finely balancing that with your need and comfort.

kitchen design ideas briks design build group custom home builds

5 Ideas To Design Your Kitchen If You Live In Toronto

When you are either renovating your home or just getting a new one, prepping the kitchen is one of the most exciting projects when it comes to setting your dream place. Living in state like Canada that is beautiful itself you want to complement the house too and the important part of it is mainly kitchen! It can get stressful and time consuming along with being expensive if not handled well. As there is a lot to take on board starting from picking the right style to hiring a designer to execute it.

Whether it is a new kitchen extension that you are working on or its just upgrading the old one knowing how to design a kitchen is dynamic. Designing itself is a broader term covering everything that includes its architecture to look and utilities within. Storage planning, lightening and floor are equally essential to give ones kitchen a complete complementing look. Defecating the usual myth of bigger the better it is true that when we talk of kitchens small are usually more efficient. Space and design isn’t only limited to the large kitchens, smaller ones can be designed with just quite efficiency and all one needs is a guideline to do so for which many companies such as Briks construction are there to help you with construction and designing of your kitchen.As is wisely said by Louis Parrish,” If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. 

Design preference varies from a person to person but what stays constant is the want to make it look good. The basic rules or design ideas that can help you get the most out of your space and uplift it are as following. Not necessarily that it may be your cup of tea according to the space you have in such a case the expert in construction and design from companies such as Briks may succor.

Usually the kitchens end up with clutter complains, lightening and space utilizing; which can finely be seen off by adopting following aspects when designing your kitchen.

  • Install wall tool storage and pot racks to avoid clutters


Clutter is usually the side effect of not having much space. Usually organizing the things is more of a problem than space thus one shall look into simplifying and declutterising the kitchen. It’s best to install some storage options like wall cabinets or hangings that can cut down on the counter space that comes right on front sight.

  • Get more lights

Lights can play a vital part in uplifting the whole space. dark rooms feel smaller, and often kitchens shall be much lively as you cook to live there. There is no harm in getting some extra lights under the cabinets where it is mostly ignored or to get the fresh coat of paint to enrich the whole experience. It’s the design esthetic that matters to either uplift or downgrade the whole place.

  • Add up mirrors and greens


Adding up mirror is just another way to brighten the whole kitchen space, as it reflects the lights and also gives the space the bigger look. Green is a lively colour and to improve the kitchen nothing can be better than adding a small plant pot or just some green of a form to make the space much happening.

  • Extra addition to counter space


Sometimes the counter space seems not so enough and that’s a common issue, which can easily be under seen by adding just a little extra space that can be in form of cabinets or over the counter storage boxes or under the sink box. This doesn’t just looks modern but is practical approach to having more over the counter space to prep and cook food.

  • Hideaway furniture


Get creative with maximizing the functionality of your kitchen, now a days much practical multi purpose furniture are an easy way to make the kitchen furniture some useful. We can just hide the furniture to make the space. Rolling in dropping down and slide out furniture can be installed to do so.

These were just a few basics to design your kitchen fresh but before that it is always best to get to a contractor before ending up in hassle of designing the whole space so that it saves you time as well as money. Briks Construction Company that is based in Canada is one of the finest at its job. Canada gets cold and thus it is essential to design it keeping in mind all aspects to keep the openings and access of kitchen to the coziness with design. If over time the kitchen seems to dim out its charm its best to add a little oomph to its elements or construction with companies such as Briks just do wonders in understanding their

team work

Importance Of Fire Protection And Thermal Insulation In Canada While Constructing The House”

One spark can lead to fire and one fire incident can lead to fatal loss. Fire safety is an imperative issue for everyone, especially at home where you plan to live safe. In a country like Canada where temperature drops in minus and it gets cold that cant be tolerated it leads to installation of in house fire place which with the perks of it keeping you warm has equally the risk aspects too. Fire puts everything and everyone around it at risk. It is very important to know how bad it may get if the fire sprints and thus for the safety awareness in case of such an incident even the children are taught of precautionary measures at school. It clearly highlights how important it is to not ignore it and prevent fire mishaps. It is equally important for any workplace as the fire may bring down your whole business to ashes.

Fire protection systems are that’s why important to install in your house to help in case of any unforeseen fire incident.Toronto has some of the leading companies that keep this under check to keep your house fire safe. Lets look deeply into a few factors that make it worth and equally important to install fire protection system:

  • House On Fire

To save your house from setting on fire, it is a bigger picture to the small problems that may be associated with the incident. The furniture may burn out, important papers may turn into ashes and more over it’s your house a property you bought to live safe within. It is definitely worth to install an extra safety margin in your house, as the incidents do not occur with a warning date told before hand. Fire protection systems may signal any spark before hand or the whole system installed may trigger the sprinklers to avoid big loss. Fire extinguishers are also placed at reachable places and are maintained.

  • Life At Risks     

More than anything in the world life is one precious and priceless thing one owns. Who wants to put their life at stake? Thus it’s best to keep precautions and protections inline. Fire protection systems are very important to be installed at home to keep your and your family’s life safe. One may sleep in peace with it being installed. Many known companies like Briks Construction knowing the importance of one’s life install the fire protection systems very finely and professionally.

Before Hand Warnings         

What’s destined doesn’t come with warning alert but precautionary signal or warning may be of certain help to cut down on the loss. It is important to install the fire protection system as it may give warning alert if smoke is detected or the alarms may ring to trigger the sprinklers to put down the fire while people in the premises may run out and save what they can.

All likes safe living but living within a certain budget is what we all look up to. The latest induction technology cuts down on the overall power cost and saves energy keeping the house either cool or warm as desired. For such the thermal insulation panels are installed within the house. The walls are framed sandwiched with the insulation material, which may vary according to the budget and need. Why is there such a need for it and how has it gotten so popular?

Well the go green or energy saving motto is universal now. Weather it be installing solar panels or the wind panels its one way of saving energy. Thermal insulation is one way of doing so as the walls trap the air and keep the house warm on cold days and as the main source of losing energy is through atmosphere or air it is trapped inside the walls so that we don’t need to keep the heaters or Air conditioners running for long. Considering Canada where the temperature goes to extremes and it calls in for the need to turn the heaters on thus to keep the house under controlled temperatures it is important to install the insulation for any air to drop out. It’s for a great cause and we all shall join our hands in saving energy along with save living.

6 Reasons We Need Earthquake Resistant Buildings in Canada

Amongst the natural calamities earthquake is much dreaded and man has been trying for centuries to combat this cataclysmic act of nature. If not avoid it but we had surely been trying to minimize the after affects of it. Canada is one place that does fall into earthquake zones. Vancouver and Toronto had been the target of such calamity. Fortunately the present day technologies are able to determine the forces that earthquake puts on any building and how the stress can be curtailed. What can be done is to install precautions and safety measures as much as can be possible to cut down on the loss.

Its an actual law in most countries around the globe to install the seismic building design which can quench the effects of first or second degree forces associated with the earthquake. It is true that any calamity has devastating after effects and the damage is sometimes serious enough. But when it comes to natural hazards or earthquakes they cant be some serious game changers thus it is immensely important for any country to start making earthquake resistant buildings.

Amongst many reasons that demand this change few of the main causes are as following:

Bigger losses:

Once the earthquake affects any building first to be known that it is not the earthquake but the seismic forces associated with it that demolishes or collapses the whole building that can cause troubles or any loss. Building crushing down is one loss that can be fixed back but the loss of life can be devastating forever. Thus it is important to adopt the idea of earth quake resistant buildings to avoid any bigger losses.

 Economical shift:

The countries economical value is generated by its strong infrastructure thus it is one reason why it is important to install the earth quake resistant buildings as once they are effected by it you’ll have to make a building again and the loss becomes unbearable and shifts the graphs opposite.

Precautionary measures:

Natural hazards don’t give any warning alarm before coming thus it is important to take precaution. Getting the building or house made that can resists earthquake impacts is better than the regrets later.

Cost effective:

Who said installing the structure that will resist the effects of earthquake is going to be easy or inexpensive? This whole deal can be quite cost effective if we look at the bigger picture. Earthquake resistant buildings can cut down on life risks and building destruction risks that may demand more money.

Lasting infrastructure:

For anything to last longer you need to put in certain quality ingredients. Natural disasters can’t be stopped but from any building to stop losing its life it is important to use quality material. Despite of the fact that the construction steel and concrete build skyscraper buildings but upholding 100% guarantee against the natural disasters is still a quest. It is also one reason we need to head on towards earthquake resistant buildings for the infrastructure to last a lifetime for which many companies like Briks Construction had been improving their quality constructions every day.



We make house for safe living. It is one place that we feel safe within regardless of anything but the calamities can’t be stopped. It is better to install infrastructure that promises safety on a greater scale even against earthquake.

Fortunately the emerging technology can finely determine the forces a building goes through during an earthquake, amongst the finest engineering fall the state of Canada as well and the leading companies like Briks ca. use the material that can counter act them to avoid any misfortunes or issues such as mentioned above. Engineers in high-end firms evaluate the ground response of building to develop the framework with supporting horizontal and vertical alignments to ensure that your home remains safe place to live. Over years the improving structural demand has lead the engineers to finally discover how to make the structure more impervious to earthquakes.


2019 - Latest Trends for Home Renovations

2019 – Latest Trends for Home Renovations and New Home Construction, Toronto and GTA

Who doesn’t want a home that follows the latest trends but is also cozy for you and your family? Here are a few trends you could follow for your upcoming renovations or the new house you’re thinking to build, and tailor them to your unique lifestyle. 

Integrated Technology:

Integrated Technology:

Fact: Smartphone technology is here and its here to stay. So we have to learn to live with it and to be able to integrate it into our day-to-day life. Today, smartphones have become a necessity and it’s hard to believe how we’d survive a single day without our cell phones.

Technology is gradually becoming more and more intertwined in our daily lives and we are now seeing that it is also shaping our lifestyle and influencing everything around us.  Similarly, technology has equipped our houses as well now, what we term as “smart homes”. Wireless technology is now at the forefront of all homes these days.

Home automation with Audio/Visual, security cameras, switching lights on and off with smartphones, using sensors to automatically switch lights, lifting and closing blinds, automatically sensing and adjusting heat/cool patterns in an integrated HVAC package, integrated appliances that will cook the food for you but just scanning the cooking instruction; are all becoming more and more common than you would possibly think.

You would be surprised to learn that with this ever-changing technology landscape, and with the number of options available out there, it has become ever so affordable to equip your home with home automation that fits your unique lifestyle. Give us a call to book a free Design-Consult with our talented team at BRIKS Design-Build Group, to see what you are missing out on. 

Open Kitchens:

Open Kitchens

Gone are the times when homeowners opted to seclude their kitchens in an area that closed off from the rest of the house to avoid any sort of disturbances or inconveniences when guests arrived. With the lack of floor spacing, and to optimize living space, people are now opting for their kitchens to be open right along with the dining room or living room.

Open kitchens provide a way for homeowners to keep cooking while watching your favorite TV show or talking and entertaining with the guests across the kitchen island.

With careful planning and a functional Interior Design package, the team at BRIKS Design-Build Group carefully plans put and maps out the optimal kitchen layout that considers function and aesthetics as part of the overall home design and layout.

This open-concept trend just might give your home kitchen the right spice to give it the trendiness it needs.

Lane-Way Housing with Smaller Floor-plans:

Lane-Way Housing with Smaller Floor-plans:

The definition of Lane-Way house in Toronto and surrounding areas is a “self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as a detached house, semi-detached house or townhouse, and generally located in the rear yard next to a laneway. Laneway suites are generally smaller in scale and completely detached from the main house on the lot.”

Naturally, homeowners might think this to be a small home with a limited functional building envelope and floor-plan.  However, with the rising home costs, affordable housing has become a major issue that most municipalities are struggling to deal with.

And this has led to lane-way housing as a viable concept that will seek to inject more residential homes into the market place. Working with an experienced Builder allows the homeowner to design and build a lane-way home that makes up for the limited floor plan by integrating multiple floors and a basement into the overall concept and design of your home.

Give us a call if you are interested in our concepts and designs for lane-way homes, and see how the team at BRIKS Design-Build Group can optimize your living space.

Maximized Outdoor Space:

Maximized Outdoor Space:

This is the most misunderstood space that gets overlooked by almost all homeowners all the time. Your back yard and outdoor space is an extension of your home, and thus should be considered as part of your floor plan. Maximizing your outdoor space is another trending concept that we are seeing in the housing market in Toronto. The conventional thought process was to focus on the interior and to only do spring cleaning when it was BBQ time in the summers.

Homeowners focused more on a bigger interior of the house, and the outdoor space came as an afterthought and so a simple flat garden or back deck and porch would make do. Homeowners are now realizing that by functionally integrating the outdoor space with the interior, they are able to extend and enjoy the seasons for longer with wall-systems that fold and slide all the way.

Nanawall Systems uses this technology to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor space. Whether you want a larger swimming pool to spend your summer nights in, or just to relax while reading a newspaper on Sunday morning – outdoor spaces are trending year-by-year. So get started with designing and integrating outdoor space as part of your floor plan and don’t leave it to the end.

Give us a call and one of our BRIKS Design-Team will get in touch with you to see how we can tailor your outdoor living just in time for your upcoming season. If you’re residing in the GTA and are struggling with how to design or renovate your home, or even have your own designs made up and just want someone to give your house the right contracting needs it requires; call our talented and experienced team at BRIKS Design-Build Group.

We are one of Toronto’s bespoke full-service Design-Build Firm and can take your home renovation or new home construction project to the next stage.